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Bluetooth at home

How to boost your Bluetooth signal to cover your entire home

13 min read

Back before wifi and 5G joined the clan, Bluetooth was the king of data sharing. To this day, Bluetooth has…

Do VR Headsets Have Bluetooth

Do VR Headsets Have Bluetooth? (Solved!)

6 min read

VR headsets have increasingly become popular in recent years with the release of new and improved models. They are a…

Can Bluetooth Be Used To Measure Distance

Can Bluetooth Be Used To Measure Distance? (Explained!)

7 min read

The advancement of Bluetooth technology has led people to explore the possibility of measuring short distances using it. GPS tracking…

Does Bluetooth Version Affect Sound Quality

Does Bluetooth Version Affect Sound Quality? (Solved!)

6 min read

The Bluetooth technology has been improving with every new release, but does that mean the sound quality also gets better?…

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