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Android Passkey

How To Disable a Bluetooth Passkey on Android? (Solved)

11 min read

A Bluetooth passkey is a numerical code that enables users to establish a Bluetooth connection between two devices. If one…

IPX4 Water Resistance: What Does It Mean?

IPX4 Water Resistance: What Does It Mean?

6 min read

Waterproof and water resistance are terms that get thrown around a lot when it comes to electronics. You may have…

Do VR Headsets Have Bluetooth

Do VR Headsets Have Bluetooth? (Solved!)

6 min read

VR headsets have increasingly become popular in recent years with the release of new and improved models. They are a…

Which iPods Have Bluetooth Capability

Which iPods Have Bluetooth Capability? (Solved!)

6 min read

Apple has always been a leader in innovative technology. One of their latest innovations to the market is Bluetooth capability…

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