I have to be honest. I’m a music and gaming geek. At least that’s how I would describe myself.

My name is Espen, and I love listening to music to relax, set the mood at home or at gatherings, get motivated when working out, or embrace the variety and enrichment in the sound of a movie. And last but not least, to be able to hear the footsteps of someone sneaking up on me in a video game.

This is my passion, and now I want to use my knowledge to help you solve one of life’s big problems. What products to pick and why!

But why would I only focus on Bluetooth Devices? That’s easy!

The flexibility and convenience wireless devices provide are just priceless. You can bring them everywhere, and Bluetooth technology has improved to a point that wireless devices are no longer an underdog in regards to sound quality, connection, and battery life.

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