Tactics, Strategy And Secrets In Escape From Tarkov

Tarkov is one of the most interesting and realistic projects in the royal battle genre, in which you will confront other players and bandits in dangerous zones.

Choose a side

In Tarkov, two sides will come together in confrontation – PMC BEARS and Terra. These are representatives of US and Russian special forces who are participating in the conflict under the guise of private military campaigns, so as not to reduce the confrontation to a full-fledged war between countries.

You will need to enter dangerous zones, in which there are many representatives of PMCs and bandits. In this game elements of equipment and weapons, sights and accessories for them, cartridges and grenades, medicines and other items are obtained, which can be kept as relics, or sold to local NPCs who are interested in them and receive Tarkov rubles in Skycoach.

The role of the environment

You need to interact with all the characters who could potentially become your allies, because you will have many more enemies and ideally you should play either with good and insured equipment that will not be lost in case of death, or as part of a group that will cover each other in battles, during reconnaissance and collection of resources, until a full return to the peaceful zone.

Combat exits and valuable items

When you first face the need to go on combat missions, you will definitely face this task, because the starting equipment and equipment is not enough to carry out serious operations and equal confrontation even with bandits, not to mention full-fledged PMCs.

You must understand that Escape from Tarkov relies on realistic special forces operations in small groups and does not provide any assistance during combat operations using the interface.

You will be guided solely by a map of the area, landmarks and a compass. If possible, you should study it before leaving and remember the entry and exit points into the combat zone and find clear landmarks for yourself that will help you quickly enter and exit with new equipment.

Loot collection priority

When you first get to a serious cache or warehouse with valuable items, you may have a strong desire to start grabbing everything and filling up your inventory so that when you return to base, you can exchange it for Escape from Tarkov rubles.

This is not the right strategy, because you need not only to find valuable items, but also to remove them from the danger zone, and if you collect a lot of junk, then you will get little and will risk more valuable equipment. Sometimes you will not have enough space in your inventory, and any second of delay and rearrangement of inventory can cost you your life.

You just have to understand that you need sights to improve visibility during reconnaissance and combat, weapons and ammunition, body armor and a helmet, a backpack to expand your inventory and medicine.

If you need such items, then other players will also look for an opportunity to get them or buy them, so if you accumulate the right items you will always have an increase in Tarkov rubles.


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While playing and being in a peaceful zone, you need to constantly develop your relationships with local NPCs in order to receive better prices, unique conditions and new types of goods that are not available to all players.

To do this you need to complete quests, but this is not the only way, sometimes this can be done by selling the necessary items.

For example, you can sell decorative elements to a nurse that have value, and for this her loyalty to you will increase.

A similar technique works for merchants who provide the option of wild players – random characters on whom you can farm locations and look for valuable items without risking the main character.

The higher your level of trust with the faction, the better the starting equipment will be, which is issued for a temporary character, and old guns and rusty cartridges will be replaced by quite good automatic weapons, which will allow you to kill other PMCs and bring loot from them to your main character, or just sell it and get Tarkov rubles.

Check all loot sources

In Tarkov, the distribution of items at points where they can be collected occurs randomly.

This is why you need to check literally everything that comes to your hand.

Sometimes there may be a pass to the laboratory – a very rare item that will give you temporary access to an area with a large number of valuable items. The chance of getting such an item is minimal, but it exists and is worth quickly checking every corner.

Try to avoid protracted fights

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In situations where a battle begins in a dangerous zone, you must always understand that this creates unnecessary noise and provokes outside players to interfere with it for the sake of mining or collecting loot.

This should always be taken into account and not concentrate 100% on one target, but also monitor the rear and flanks. If you play alone, this will be more difficult to do, but it is extremely important not to get shot in the back.

To exit the battle, or quickly finish it, you need to use grenades to throw at enemies, or lay down a smoke screen and simply leave the battle area.

You can similarly monitor opponents who are exchanging fire with each other and simply engage in battle with the winner of this battle, or take an advantageous position and simply wait for the best moment.

Look for two different types of weapons

If you carry with you two rifles that are identical in terms of the cartridges used, then it will not be of any use. In an ideal format, you need to have a sniper rifle – a powerful weapon with good zoom to constantly change weapons between each other and use them for assault and reconnaissance of the area.

In essence, you have a solution in terms of weapons for all three types of distances.

For close combat, an assault rifle and automatic fire are used. For medium distance it is similar, but shooting is carried out in bursts, or three rounds at a time. For long distances, it is better to switch to a sniper rifle and destroy enemies from afar, but remember that enemies can also have good weapons and equipment, and you should always remember about cover and camouflage elements on the ground so that you can see the enemies, and they still need you to find for firing.