Is OnePlus Buds Pro compatible with iPhone? (Full review)

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OnePlus is best known for its mobile phones, but they have launched several generations of earbuds next to it. Last in line is the new OnePlus Buds Pro, a set of entirely wireless earplugs that will compete with significantly more expensive products. But are the earbuds compatible with iPhone?

Yes. You can connect via Bluetooth 5.2, which establishes a quick connection with iOS and Android devices. For configurations, you need to use the app HeyMelody on iPhone to control the earbuds. As for Android and OnePlus smartphones, you can use the OnePlus Buds app, and HeyMelody still works with Android.

Although pure audio products from OnePlus may not have been as exciting before, they have become so with Buds Pro. For around $150, you get one of the market’s best noise-canceling earbuds, which play so engagingly and nicely that almost anything can make you step to the beat.

Please keep reading for my full review of the OnePlus Buds Pro.

OnePlus Buds Pro
OnePlus Buds Pro Wireless Earbuds

Reasons to buy

  • Splash-proof from the inside to the outside (IP55)
  • Excellent sound
  • Among the market’s very best in noise-canceling
  • Ok battery life
  • Good sound quality during a conversation
  • Wireless charging
  • Solid and complete design
  • Good and user-friendly app

Things to consider

  • The app can be challenging to find (illogical name)
  • Slightly thick stems into the ear – not for all ears

“You should look very long before you find better earplugs. Whatever the price.”

Surprisingly Good Design

A bit like Apple’s AirPods Pro, it’s a stem that goes out from the earbuds itself and hangs a little out of the ear. The difference in finish, colors, and other designs are substantial enough that you will never mistake these for an Apple product.

The charging case of Buds Pro is a relatively small box in matt black or white and hard plastic, and it looks confusingly rubbery without being so. A few areas on the box are in glossy plastic – the OnePlus logo on the top lid and a small field in the hinge itself on the back.

The lid opens easily and slides up with a smooth movement before it’s tightened and kept in the open position. It closes with a fine click on the return when the magnets that hold it closed take over.

I don’t usually pay much attention to the charging case, but when a set of earbuds for $150 gives the same feeling of quality as opening and closing the door of a luxury car, it’s worth mentioning.

The earbuds are water and dust repellent (IP55) so that they can withstand sweat, rain showers, and a trip in the pocket without being protected by the case. Even the case has IPX4 certification, which means that it is protected against splashes from all directions.


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OnePlus Buds Pro compatible with iPhone

Acceptable Battery Life

It’s not just the exterior that is part of the OnePlus Buds Pro. Wireless charging of the case is in place.

Fast charging and an acceptable battery life of up to 7 hours are included. With the battery in the charging case, the earbuds should provide up to 38 hours of playback without using active noise cancellation. In noisy environments, while using noise cancellation, the corresponding figure is 28 hours.

So How Do They Fit?

The only immediate “disappointment” here is the stem where the rubber tips are attached. It’s always a good thing if the size is not too big. The larger the stem, the more difficult it is to get the earbuds to fit properly. For certain people, these might be too big.

OnePlus Buds Pro is easier to get in the ears than Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro. For Samsung’s part, it was precisely these large “tubes” from the tip towards the ear canal that made them a challenge for many.

My experience is that they stay fine in both ears with a bit of care and prying when I insert the plugs. But if you have small ear canals and often have problems with the fit of earbuds, I would probably try them out before buying them.

Sound Quality

It’s not often I get as surprised as I have been by OnePlus Buds Pro. These earplugs sound phenomenal for the price. There is a rock-supported bass foundation, and they play clear, crisp, and open in the treble.

On bass music made for large subwoofers in a car, this is the closest I have come to feel the suction from the bass in my stomach. The worst-produced rock of the nineties also sounds as good as I think I’ve ever heard it.

Otherwise, most things sound as they should, whether it’s jazz or yodeling or everything in between.

Like many other noise-canceling earbuds, they become a little extra bassy and noisy with the noise-canceling turned on.

It does not become intrusively exaggerated anyway, and the plugs sound nice even if I turn the bass down with the equalizer.

Buds Pro has an automated hearing test and a function that tests whether they seal well in the ears. Both parts work well, and a complete hearing test gave the sound a slight boost, although the hearing did not seem to deviate so much from regular.

Active Noise Cancelling

OnePlus Buds starts the noise-canceling gradually, and the sounds around you gradually disappear. These are some of the best earplugs I’ve ever encountered for use in the office. Voices and conversation noise are almost entirely gone, and so is the neighbor’s tapping on the keyboard.

On more bass-heavy noise, such as noisy ventilation systems, the bus, and plane, they also do a great job. As long as you achieve good isolation with the rubber tips, there’s not much to complain about on the performance here. Whether it’s against the top models where the price tag is double or older top models, which now costs about the same.


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HeyMelody – App

I don’t know who found out that the app that controls these plugins should be called something as whimsical as “Hey Melody”. But I still had to look at OnePlus’ website to be sure to get the right app.

Fortunately, the name is the only thing I have to complain about. Because here, too, OnePlus has done a great job. If you have previously connected the earbuds the app immediately connects to the plugs without waiting for “connection” to start.

The ease of use of the app is also impeccable. A squeeze on the stem of the plugs should activate “Zen Mode”, natural sounds, or white noise, or you can turn it on with a switch in the app.

Call Quality

The sound quality during conversation is sharp and refined at both ends. Noise reduction from actual noise works remarkably well, but the OnePlus Buds Pro struggles a bit more with windy noise as many earbuds do.

If the noise around you is too difficult to muffle appropriately, or the more wind you have around you, the more robotic your voice will be to the receiver. But I did not experience any problems interpreting the said words.

They do a pretty solid job on this front as well.

Other features

The plugs are equipped to provide a low delay for use with gaming and have several different sound settings to fit different ears.

Final Thoughts

For around $150, you get some of the market’s best noise-canceling earbuds, which play so engagingly and nicely that almost anything can make you step on the beat.

All the necessary comfort functions are in place, with splash safety from the inside to the outside and wireless charging as good examples of things you otherwise have to pay significantly more for.

To the extent that there is something to take away from the rating, it’s the medium-thick stems that the rubber tips sit on. This means that if you struggle with earbuds, you should probably not bet on them without trying them first.

But if “all” earbuds usually fit your ears, there is nothing to be afraid of with OnePlus Buds Pro. They do the job and a little more no matter what you consider.


Can OnePlus Buds Pro connect to multiple devices?

At the time of writing this article, OnePlus Buds Pro does not support multiple connections, which lets the buds connect to two devices simultaneously. However, the developers have revealed that “dual connection” will be available in future software updates.

Are OnePlus Buds Pro Waterproof?

OnePlus Buds Pro has an IP rating of IP55 which means they are sweat and dust resistant. The charging case has an IP rating of IPX4 which also protects from water splashes and sweat.

Does OnePlus Buds Pro have volume control?

At the time of writing, OnePlus Buds Pro does not have volume control directly on the earbuds. The “button” on the earbuds is placed on the stem and works as a force sensor. You need to press it without it being a physical button. The developers have a volume control in the plans so hopefully, they will add this through a firmware update in the near future.

Does OnePlus Buds Pro support wireless charging?

Yes, they support wireless charging. The total battery life with ANC turned off is 7 hours and 38 hours with the case. With ANC turned on the same numbers are 5 hours and 28 hours with the case.

Does OnePlus Buds Pro have touch controls?

No, OnePlus Buds Pro does not have true touch controls. They have force sensor control on the stem, similar to how Apple Airpods Pro works.

Does OnePlus Buds Pro have active noise cancellation?

Yes, the OnePlus Buds Pro has active noise cancellation (ANC).

Espen is the Director of ProPairing


Espen is the Director of ProPairing and has written extensively about Bluetooth devices for years. He is a consumer product expert and has personally tested Bluetooth devices for the last decade.

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