How Do I Stop My Razor Kraken Headset from Echoing!?

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It is irritating when you hear echoing from your headset because it hinders effective communication. There are several ways to fix echoing, depending on the cause of the echo. You will need to perform several activities to determine the source of the echo and fix it.

A Razor Kraken headset can produce due to multiple reasons. Most echo issues can be resolved by reducing the volume or adjusting the settings. Sometimes the issue is a software problem or poor connection and set up of the headsets. 

I will explore multiple ways to resolve the echo issue on your Razor Kraken headset starting with the simplest solution to the most complex one. 

How Do I Stop My Razor Kraken Headset from Echoing
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Option #1: Lower the Volume 

Some headsets have an inbuilt system that lets you hear yourself as a way to signal that your microphone volume is too high. On the other hand, you can hear an echo because your headset is picking up sound when you speak into the microphone. 

Turning the microphone volume down step by step can reduce or eliminate echoing on a headset. It is imperative that you reduce the volume gradually until you find the sweet spot where there is no echo. 

Remember that echo because of volume will depend on you’re device and software you are using. Therefore, you may experience echoing when playing due to high volume when playing PS4 but not on your Xbox. Always do a soundcheck when you connect the headsets to a new device.

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Option #2: Ensure that the Microphone is Fully Extended

It is imperative to ensure that your microphone settings are right when using a Razor Kraken headset. Go to your settings and ensure you haven’t selected the ‘Listen to this device’ option. The option causes echoing as you can hear yourself as you speak. 

To turn off the ‘Listen to this device’ settings, go to Control Panel>Sound>Recording>Properties>Listen and uncheck the option. Test your headset after the changes to hear if the echoing has been eliminated. 

Option #3: Turn Off Enhancements and Sensitivity Levels

It is understandable that you don’t want to miss anything when gaming or watching a moving. It is normal for people to have their enhancements or sensitivity levels at maximum. However, some games and audio content already have enhancements. Therefore, additional enhancements can cause an echo. 

To turn off the sensitivity levels, go to Control Panes>Sound>Recording>Properties>Levels and uncheck any enhancement options. Alternatively, restore the factory settings of the sensitivity levels. 

Option #4: Check the Stereo Settings 

Sometimes when gaming, your friends may be able to hear your in-game audio on their headsets. That is a result of having stereo sound settings that may switch your speaker and microphone audio content. Therefore, instead of your voice will be transmitted to your speaker and your gaming audio to your microphone.

You need to uncheck the stereo setting under your Sound Settings. Once to remove the stereo settings, your headset should work as it should.

Option #5: Go To Troubleshooter

You can go to Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter to see whether there is an issue with your Razor Kraken headset. Start by setting your headset microphone as the default device. Adjust the microphone volume and test your headset for echoing. 

You can run the troubleshooter software to see if it comes up with problems to fix. Alternatively, Uninstall and reinstall the Razor Kraken drivers to ensure they are working as they should. Test the headset to see whether the reinstallation eliminates the echoing. 

Option #6: System Update 

If all the above options do not work, you need to do a system update for your game or audio player. An outdated gaming system or audio player may not transmit sound clearly. A simple update should clear the problem.

For most gaming consoles, you can find the system update option under the settings. Go to the Menu>Settings>System Update to trigger an update. Try out your headset after the update to see whether the issue has been resolved. 

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Option #7: Confirm Your Headset Isn’t Broken

The final piece of advice I have for you when everything else hasn’t worked out is to confirm that your Razor Kraken headset isn’t broken. The easiest way to confirm your headset is in good condition is to connect it to another machine with Razor Kraken headset drivers. 

If you still hear echoing on other machines or gaming consoles, chances are your headset is broken. You can reach out to the manufacturer for repairs or a replacement. Also, endeavor to take better care of your headphones in the future.


Can Echoing Be From Another Source?

Yes. You may be hearing echoing on your headset but the source can be from your friend’s headset. If your friend has their microphone on high volumes, it may result in echoing.

Sometimes, gamers who use external speakers may experience echoing because of the positioning of their speakers. 

A powerful microphone can pick up audio from a distance. Therefore, you should consider placing external speakers a little further from your microphone.

Do I Need To Try All The Options Above?

No. Chances are you have an idea as to why you are hearing echoing on your headset. I recommend you start with the option that addresses your suspicion.

However, you can start with the first option and move down the list if you don’t have a clue why your headset is producing an echo. 

Will the Suggestions Take Long?

Most of the options will only take a few minutes to implement. However, the system update may take a while depending on the software you are using.

Hopefully, you will find a suitable solution and eliminate echoing from your headset. 

How Do I Avoid Echoing in the Future?

I would suggest you do research on how changing sound settings, especially microphone settings, will affect your audio experience. Don’t just set your volume on high for every game because volume settings vary from game to game.

Also, familiarize yourself with various sound settings so that you can use each setting appropriately.

Final Thoughts

Most of the time you can stop echoing from your Razor Kraken headset by tweaking a few sound settings. It only takes a couple of minutes to make the relevant adjustments. However, if your headset is broken, you need to repair it or buy a new headset. 

I hope you find the various tips for eliminating echoing in Razor Kraken headsets informative and useful.

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