Can I Use My Airpods When The Temperatures Are Below 0˚C?

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Airpods are the best wireless earbuds available today, and it can be tempting to use them in extremely cold temperatures. Using your Airpods outside when it’s extremely cold can seem like an excellent idea to take your mind off the cold that’s surrounding you. 

Apple states that Airpods can work within temperature ranges of 0˚ and 35˚C (32˚ to 95˚F). Exposing your Airpods to temperatures are below 0˚C can lead to issues and even permanent damage to your Airpods. There is a way you can use your AirPods at subzero temperatures without causing damage.

Everybody knows that electronics don’t do well in extreme cold or heat, and I will explain what happens when you use Airpods when the temperature is 0˚C. Also, I will explain how you can use your Airpods in temperatures below 0˚C and what you should do to protect them. 

Can I Use My Airpods When The Temperatures Are Below 0˚C
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Can I Use My Airpods When the Temperatures are Below 0˚C?

I wouldn’t advise you to use Airpods when temperatures are below 0˚C because it could lead to damage. Apple has made it clear that the optimum temperatures for Airpods are 0˚ and 35˚C (32˚ to 95˚F). Therefore, using Airpods at subzero temperatures is a personal decision that you have to come to without persuasion.

Damage that can happen to Airpods when exposed to subzero temperatures may be mild or permanent, depending on the period of exposure. However, you can use AirPods when temperatures are below 0˚C with minimum or zero damage. 

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How Can I Use My Airpods When Temperatures are Below 0˚C?

Let me clarify something about the optimum temperatures of using Airpods as Apple gave if you leave or lose your Airpods outside when the temperatures below 0˚C, they may be permanently damaged. 

However, you can safely use Airpods when it’s below 0˚C without causing damage to them if you are careful. Your AirPods won’t freeze when you are wearing them in subzero temperatures because of your body heat. 

Stay Warm 

Suppose you are warm enough when outside during subzero temperatures. You will keep your Airpods from reaching low temperatures below 0˚C. You can keep your AirPods temperature well above 0˚C if you stay warm. 

Airpods have an inbuilt mechanism to keep them at optimum temperatures. Staying warm when using Airpods at subzero temperatures takes away the probability of the components freezing. 

Cover Your Ears 

In addition to staying warm, you may want to consider covering your ears with a beanie hat or a scarf to minimize the moisture that penetrates your Airpods. Covering your Airpods when using them at subzero temperatures keeps them dry at all times. 

Moreover, covering your Airpods reduces the odds of falling in the snow and getting lost. No one will think it’s weird that you want to cover up your ears when the temperatures are subzero.


Try to use Airpods at subzero temperatures for a limited period. You can use them when you do small outdoor activities like shoveling the driveway, walking to the store, and other small activities. 

Don’t use Airpods for outdoor work shifts when temperatures are below 0˚C. You can opt for a Bluetooth speaker if you spend a lot of time outdoors when the temperatures are subzero. 

After Care 

You need to take care of your Airpods after using them in subzero temperatures. Airpods can withstand cold temperatures, but most damage occurs quickly because of the extreme transition from cold to warm temperatures. 

For example, most users will get out of the cold and head straight to charge Airpods without waiting for the earbuds to adjust to the warm ambiance first. When you walk into a warm ambiance, the first thing to do is to let your Airpods adjust to the warmer temperature.

Don’t charge your Airpods immediately after coming from subzero temperatures, no matter how much you want to continue listening to music. Another aftercare tactic is to place the Airpods in a Ziploc bag with rice to absorb any condensation. 

There is always the possibility that some condensation will get into your Airpods when using them outside in cold temperatures. If you suspect any condensation in them, place them in a bag of rice and wait for an hour or more.

Does Using My Airpods When The Temperatures are Below 0˚C Affect the Battery?

Yes. Airpods use Lithium batteries, and they tend to drain fast in cold temperatures. When using them at subzero temperatures, don’t expect to get the same battery life out of your Airpods. You can only use them for a short duration before the battery drains, and you have to recharge the Airpods. 

Plan your outdoor activities for a few hours if you plan to use your Airpods at subzero temperatures. Also, employ the tactics above to keep the Airpods temperature from reaching 0˚C. 

Can You Get A Replacement For Using Airpods Below 0˚C?

No, Apple is clear that users shouldn’t expose Airpods to temperatures below 0˚C. The Airpods warranty doesn’t cover exposure to temperatures below 0˚C. You will need to buy a new pair if your current ones get damaged because of the cold or condensation. 

It’s imperative to be careful so that your Airpods don’t get damaged should you choose to use them at subzero temperatures. Keep in mind that you will be using your Airpods at your own risk. 

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How Cold Can Airpods Get Before They Stop Working?

 Exposing Airpods to subzero temperatures for a couple of minutes won’t damage them. For example, leaving your Airpods in the cold for 15-20 minutes won’t do much damage. However, exposing them to cold for a couple of hours will permanently damage them. 

Will Temperatures Below 0˚C Affect My Listening Experience?

If subzero temperatures can affect Airpods, it may lead you to wonder whether they can affect the sound quality. You can have a great listening experience at subzero temperatures if your audience storage device is near you. I would advise that you carry your music storage device if you intend to use Airpods in temperatures below 0˚C.

For example, carry your phone when streaming music from Spotify with your Airpods if you go out to shovel the driveway. That way, you reduce the distance between your phone and Airpods, effectively reducing factors that may interfere with audio transmission. 

Final Thoughts

Airpods won’t freeze when you use them when temperatures are below 0˚C if you exercise caution and keep them dry. Use Airpods in subzero temperatures for short durations and exercise care and aftercare to avoid damaging them. I hope you found this article useful.

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