How Hot Can Airpods Get Before It Stops Working? (Solved!)

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Airpods are the best wireless earbuds, and you will enjoy using them in the summer to listen to your favorite tunes. Many Airpods users don’t know that high temperatures can permanently damage your Airpods. Despite being the best wireless earbuds, they are not perfect. 

Apple states that the ideal temperature ranges for Airpods are 0˚ and 35˚C (32˚ to 95˚F). You should avoid exposing your Airpods to high temperatures of 35˚C (95˚F) because they will get damaged. There are other reasons why Airpods can get hot, like a non-Apple charger and dust. 

I will explain why Airpods can get damaged when they overheat and stop working. You can use the solutions I provide to keep your Airpods from overheating. 

How Hot Can Airpods Get Before It Stops Working?
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How Hot Can Airpods Get Before It Stops Working?

Anything above 35˚C (95˚F) can cause Airpods to overheat and stop working. Most Airpods overheat because users leave them exposed to high temperatures unknowingly. It is common for Airpods users to forget them after using them until the next time they need to use their Airpods. 

Other reasons why Airpods get hot are dust, charging with third-party chargers, and hardware issues. Overall, your Airpods will stop working if they overheat past 35˚C (95˚F), and you will have to buy new ones. 

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Reasons Why Airpods Get Hot and Stop Working

As stated earlier, Airpods can get how and stop working for various reasons. I will expound on each reason and offer a working solution. It would be in your best interest to ensure your Airpods don’t overheat. 

1. Exposure to High Temperatures 

Airpods have a maximum temperature threshold of 35˚C (95˚F), but you should try to stay way below the threshold. Exposing Airpods to direct sunlight heat sources or leaving them in a hot ambient like a car can damage them.

Don’t leave Airpods on your dashboard or your car if it isn’t parked under a shade. Also, avoid leaving Airpods on counters where the sun hits or in the open when doing outdoor activities. 

Solutions: Store Airpods Appropriately 

Train yourself to store your Airpods appropriately after use to prevent exposure to high temperatures. Return them into their case and put them in your bag outdoors or a drawer if you are indoors.

The case acts as a protective layer, and placing them in the bag or drawer ensures they stay cool even when the ambiance is hot. 

2. Dust & Dirt

Airpods are built with enough space to ventilate when they start getting hot. Consistent use of Airpods without cleaning them can lead to the accumulation of dirt and dust inside. Dirt and dust will block the earbud’s ventilation and cause them to overheat. 

Solution: Cleaning 

Clean your Airpods regularly to prevent dust and dirt accumulation. You can use a clean, soft microfiber cloth to wipe your earbuds and remove dirt. You can use a toothbrush and gently remove dirt from hard-to-reach areas for deep cleaning. 

3. Using the Wrong Charger 

It is tempting to buy a third-party charger for your Airpods if you lose or forget it at home when traveling. Some of the third-party chargers use a high voltage to charge Airpods fast, destroying them in the process. 

Solution: Use Apple Airpods Charger

It would be best always to use an Apple charger to recharge your Airpods to prevent overheating. It may seem costly when buying a new one, but the charger is a worthy investment to keep your Airpods in perfect condition. 

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4. Hardware Issues 

Hardware issues occur when your Airpods start overheating for no apparent reason. If your AirPods start overheating immediately or a few weeks after purchase, it may be a hardware issue. It would be best to be concerned when you have to wear the Airpods for a few minutes, and they start getting too hot. 

Solution: Contact Customer Support

You should report the issues immediately and request assistance from Apple support. You will get instructions on getting replacement Airpods if your warranty period hasn’t elapsed. 

What Makes Airpods to Stop Working When They Get Hot?

Now that you know how hot Airpods can get before they stop working, you may wonder why they stop working. The simple answer is that the earbuds’ internal components get fried, which is why they stop working. 

Extreme heat can melt some plastic components of fry the metal chips in Airpods. Therefore, train yourself to store Airpods in a cool and dry place to protect them from heat. 

How Hot Can Airpods Get Before They Explode?

A few cases of Airpods exploding recently due to overheating when users use third-party chargers. Anything close to 40˚C can cause Airpods to explode because they contain lithium batteries. 

However, Airpods, like most consumer products, are built with safety features to prevent explosions. To be on the safe side, get your hot Airpods to a cool place immediately you notice they are overheating. 

How Hot Can Airpods Get Near a Heat Source?

Your AirPods will melt if you leave them near a heat source like your cooker or a portable heating device. Avoid placing your Airpods in areas where they can be exposed to extreme heat temperatures. Therefore, don’t carry your Airpods if you work in hot environments because the heat will destroy them. 

Can Airpods Be Repaired After Heat Damage?

It is tricky to repair Airpods when they stop working due to exposure to high temperatures or overheating. It would require your repairman to replace the internal components of your Airpods. The best solution after heat damages your Airpods is to buy a new one and take better care of them. 

Can Airpods Withstand More Heat While Inside the Case?

Yes. Apple states that you can store your Airpods in areas with a temperature of -10˚ to 45˚C. It’s essential to note that the temperatures inside a locked car under the sun exceed 45˚C, so don’t leave your Airpods in the car. 

Overall, the Airpods case offers an extra layer of protection, so always store your Airpods in their case. 

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Final Thoughts 

If you love your Airpods like I love mine, don’t expose them to high temperatures as it will damage them. However, if you work or live somewhere with extremely hot temperatures, ensure you don’t expose your Airpods to anything above 35˚C. I hope this information is helpful.

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