Can I Wear a Smartwatch in a Sauna? (Explained and Solved!)

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You have many options when it comes to fitness trackers. One of the more popular choices is the smartwatch, but are you wondering if you can wear one in a sauna?

It is not recommended to wear a smartwatch in a sauna because most of them cannot handle the high temperatures. Some smartwatches can handle saunas, but it depends on which one you have. Models with an IP67 water resistance rating can withstand high temperatures for a while.

Read on as I go over this topic, answer related questions and offer some advice. I will also look at other topics related to this to help you make an informed decision about using a smartwatch in the sauna.

Can I Wear a Smartwatch in a Sauna
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Can I Wear a Smartwatch in the Sauna?

The quick answer to this question is no; you should not wear a smartwatch in a sauna. Most of them are not designed to withstand the high temperatures of a sauna, and they could damage your watch. A few models will even tell you when the heat is getting too hot for the watch to handle.

Note also that the humidity in the sauna can damage the smartwatch’s internal components. This is especially the case if the smartwatch is not water-resistant.

However, there are some watches that can handle saunas and other hot environments. This is mostly because they have been made with this type of environment in mind.

For example, the Apple Watch Series has a water-resistance level of 50 meters under ISO standard 22853:2010. In simpler terms, it means that this model can handle deep water immersion for a short time.

So should you wear your smartwatch in a sauna? No, this is not recommended and below are the reasons why:

Why You Should Not Wear a Smartwatch in a Sauna

The high humidity and temperature can be damaging.

Saunas can reach temperatures of up to 85 degrees Celsius. Most smartwatches are not built to resist that amount of heat. The humidity in the sauna can also damage the smartwatch’s internal components, especially if it is not water-resistant.

Screen damage

The humidity and heat in a sauna can also cause the watch’s screen to fog up or even break. This is especially true if you are using a touchscreen watch.

Some models will also not respond as well to the heat and humidity, causing you problems when trying to swipe or tap on elements of your screen.

Battery life issues

Smartwatches have rechargeable batteries that can drain quickly if they get too hot – even in just a few minutes. The high humidity in a sauna can also hinder the watch’s battery life.

In other words, you might find your smartwatch dying on you before or after leaving the sauna because of all this heat and humidity.

Data storage issues

Most watches cannot handle high temperatures for long periods of time because it causes data loss or corruption in their internal storage.

If your watch is not water-resistant, you might find that the data on it becomes damaged or deleted after just a few minutes of use in the sauna.


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It can void your warranty.

Most manufacturers do not recommend using their smartwatch in hot environments because it can void your warranty. If the heat causes any damage to the watch, they will not be responsible for replacing or repairing its internal components.

Why Wear a Smartwatch in the Sauna?

If you have a smartwatch that can resist high temperatures and humidity, then there is no reason you shouldn’t wear it in the sauna. As you are aware, there are many benefits of using a smartwatch, and they don’t stop just because you are in a sauna.

It is still possible to get notifications and alerts on your watch while using the sauna. This can be useful if you want to know when someone has texted or called, especially if it’s urgent.

You’ll also have access to fitness tracking features such as heart rate monitoring and more accurate step counting. This may be useful as you will burn more calories when using a sauna.

A smartwatch can also help you monitor your heart rate. Some models have built-in heart rate sensors that tell the wearer their real-time pulse, which can be very helpful if someone has been feeling ill or is not in good health.

Also, if you have AirPods, you can listen to some music while using the sauna. This can be a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. Just make sure that your watch is charged before you go in, as it might need more power than usual due to the heat.

What to Consider When Before Using a Smartwatch in a Sauna

There are a few factors you should consider before using your smartwatch in the sauna. They include the following, among others:

Waterproof rating

This is among the most important considerations to make, especially if you are not sure of the watch’s exact waterproof rating. It is best to check with your manufacturer before using it in any hot environment – even a sauna.

Smartwatches are often rated in atmospheric pressure (ATM) and the number of meters you can submerge it in water. The higher the rating, the more resistant your watch will be to high temperatures and humidity.

For example, a watch with an ATM rating of five can withstand up to 50 meters of water submersion, while one with an ATM rating of ten can withstand 100 meters or more.

Operating temperature rating

This is another key factor to check before using your smartwatch in the sauna. Some models might only support operating temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius, which is about 104 Fahrenheit. Others can withstand high temperatures that are higher than this – but you should still double-check on the manufacturer’s website if possible.

Internal battery temperature threshold

Some watches can only handle high temperatures for short periods of time due to their internal batteries heating up too much and causing data loss or damage.

This is the case with many smartwatches that use lithium-based batteries, which can swell up and explode if they get too hot due to overcharging. If you are not sure of your watch’s battery threshold, it is best to avoid using it in very hot environments such as a sauna.

Storage temperature

Watches with internal storage can also be damaged by high temperatures over time. This is because the heat can cause data loss or corruption in their internal storage, which might result in you losing all your saved information.


As I mentioned earlier, smartwatches are not always designed to withstand very high temperatures over long periods of time. If you are using it for multiple hours in the sauna, then there is a chance that some internal parts might not be able to handle the heat and could break down or malfunction over time.

However, if your watch has an IP67 water resistance rating (or more), then it can most likely withstand the heat for a while. But it’s still important to check your watch manufacturer’s recommendations before you take your smartwatch into the sauna or any other hot environment.


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Are there Smartwatches that Can Be Worn in the Sauna?

Yes, there are definitely smartwatches that can be worn in a sauna. Some Apple Watch models, for example, have an IP67 water resistance rating and can withstand high temperatures for a while.

Just make sure that you check the manufacturer’s website or contact customer service to see if your specific watch is supported in high temperatures before using it in a sauna.

Like I mentioned earlier, heat or water damage caused in the sauna may not be covered by your watch’s warranty, so it is important to be aware of this before using it. So be sure to ask the manufacturer before going in.


Can I wear a waterproof smartwatch in the sauna?

Yes, but this is not recommended as the watch may be damaged by the high temperature. The best to do is to check with the manufacturer to see if your watch is supported in high temperatures.

Is a Smartwatch good for the sauna?

Some models can handle the heat and humidity in a sauna, but most do not. It is, therefore, best to take precautions and check with the manufacturer before using it in a sauna.

What are some of the best Smartwatches for the sauna?

Some smartwatch models like the Apple Watch Series or Huawei watch can be worn in a sauna. However, I still strongly recommend you double-check with the manufacturer to see if your watch is supported in a sauna environment before wearing it.

Final Thoughts

Basically, it is not advisable to wear a smartwatch in the sauna as it may not be able to withstand the heat and humidity. If you have to use your smartwatch in a sauna, consider the factors I discussed above and take precautions.

I hope this article has been helpful. Questions? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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