Can You Connect Airpods To A Computer Without Using Bluetooth?

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Right off the bat, yes, it is indeed possible to connect Apple Airpods to a computer without using Bluetooth.

In fact, it’s possible to connect any wireless earbuds or headphones without the use of Bluetooth. It will, however, require you to purchase a particular type of transmitter that allows this connection to be possible.

There are many different Airpod transmitters on the market right now, like the Airfly or the EUASOO Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter/Receiver. The vast majority work the same way, but the instructions below are for the EUASOO transmitter.


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Pairing with the EUASOO Transmitter

  • First, plug in the EUASOO device into a non-Bluetooth device that has a 3.5mm headphone jack. The EUSASOO comes with a 3.5mm audio jack.
  • Switch the transmitter to the transmitting mode (TX) by flipping the switch on the bottom.
  • Hold the power button to turn it on.
  • Open your Airpods case and hold the pairing button on the back to pair the two devices.
  • Press the power button on the EUASOO transmitter twice to connect.

Now anything connected to the transmitter will play through the Airpods. Again, other devices pair the same way.

The EUSASOO transmitter has an 8-hour battery life, comes with a USB charging cable, and you can pair two separate pairs of Airpods to this one device. It also has a receiver mode that allows you to connect wired headphones and pair up with Bluetooth devices that don’t have an audio jack like the iPad Pro.

Conversely, this is an excellent option if you have an older car that doesn’t have Bluetooth capability and you want to listen to music while driving.

Again, most of these transmitters pair up the same way. If there are any differences, consult with the user manual that came with your transmitter device.


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Connecting with the AirFly

Briefly mentioned earlier was the AirFly adapter. It does much of the same things as the EUSASOO transmitter, but this device has more options. It runs the gamut with the AirFly Classic, Duo, and Pro. 

The Classic can only connect to one set of Airpods, while the Duo and Pro can both connect to two. The Pro stands out because it can also function as a receiver for wired headphones. The company behind AirFly even offers a unique option for the Nintendo Switch and a UBS-C version to connect to tablets.

The AirFly Duo has by far the best battery fly out of all of these, with more than 20 hours of battery life.

Pairing with the AirFly

The AirFly can be plugged into almost any 3.5mm headphone jack, so you can even use it on an iPod or MP3 player if you still have them. The entertainment system in airplanes can be up with the AirFly as well. 

Follow these instructions to learn how to pair up.

  • Put the AirFly into pairing mode by holding down its pairing button.
  • Open up the Airpod case and hold down the button on the back.
  • Wait until the LED on the adapter starts flashing.
  • Wait for both device to find each other and pair up automatically.

Bridging the Bluetooth Gap

Ultimately, this all still relies on Bluetooth technology, and there’s simply no way around it: all wireless earbuds use Bluetooth technology to connect to devices. These adapters offer a new way for older products to catch up with modern times. 

Any of these options are fantastic and work seamlessly with any device. I do like the EUSASOO transmitter the most of its universality and price point. These adapters run about $40, and the AirFly transmitters are a little more expensive.


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