What is Bluetooth Mouse DPI? Is It Important? (Solved)

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Buying a new mouse requires a comparison of several factors. One of the most important among these factors is DPI. It is the easiest way to measure how sensitive a wireless mouse is.

However, everyone might not know how this sensitivity changes mouse speed or how it affects the way you play games. You’ll notice that a gaming mouse will typically have a higher DPI than a normal-use mouse.

Today, I’m going over why it’s important to consider DPI if you want a great mouse. Then I’ll tell you how you should choose a new product. It might surprise you how something as simple as having a DPI switch can be an indicator of a great Bluetooth mouse.

What is Bluetooth Mouse DPI
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What Does Mouse DPI Mean?

DPI is an acronym that means dots per inch. In its simplest terms, DPI determines how motion on your desktop translates to your pointer moving on the screen.

For instance, with a DPI of 150, your cursor will move 150 pixels when your mouse moves an inch. A DPI button lets you change the number of pixels moved. So a mouse with a lower DPI, of say 100 pixels, will move the cursor 100 pixels when your mouse moves that same inch.

The ratio isn’t as exact in real life because your computer multiples the DPI, so your mouse works properly on a large modern high-resolution screen. However, the basic idea holds true.

The greater the resolution, the further your pointer will move when you move your mouse.

Is Mouse DPI Important When Buying a Mouse?

DPI is an important consideration for gamers, but it should also be considered by people who want a mouse for daily use.

Being able to move your cursor all the way across your screen with a small motion means that you don’t need a lot of free space for your mouse on your desk.


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What to Consider When Choosing A Mouse

In addition to DPI, there are some other factors to consider when getting a mouse.

Should I Look for a Mouse With a DPI Switch?

While having a high DPI is good if you don’t have a lot of free space on your desk, it can be maddening to do precision work like outlining a person on Photoshop. Given that you can’t predict what sort of work you’ll need your mouse for, it’s a great idea to get a mouse with a DPI switch.

It will let you change your mouse’s DPI based on the task you’re completing. You can increase or decrease it based on what’s required.

You can change your mouse’s DPI even if it doesn’t have a DPI switch. But the process needs you to use a utility program or a custom driver. Both are feasible options but take way more effort.

Having a DPI switch is just easier and requires less effort on your part. All you need to do to adjust the setting is toggle a slider. This takes less than a few seconds and is super simple.

What Power Source Does a Bluetooth Mouse Have?

Another important factor to consider is how the mouse is powered. Some mice are rechargeable, while others run on disposable batteries. Battery type is an important consideration because it determines how you use your mouse.

If getting batteries from the store is easier than charging in your mouse, you should do that. However, if you have a mains socket right next to your working space, getting a rechargeable mouse might be preferable.

You should know that wireless mice that use triple-A or double-A batteries have longer battery life. This means that once you change the batteries, you won’t have to worry about charging for a while. On the other hand, you constantly have to worry about keeping your mouse plugged in.

While the former is easier and more convenient, it is also more expensive. The cost of disposable batteries adds up. If you don’t mind having to pay for batteries every couple of months, this shouldn’t be an issue. However, if you’d rather spend on the mouse once and not have to invest in it again, getting a chargeable mouse would be better.

Are the Mouse Bluetooth Enabled?

Whether or not the mouse has a Bluetooth connection is another important factor. Some mice are labeled ‘wireless’ but only have a USB port. They’re technically wireless; however, they are not Bluetooth mice.

The issue with mice that have a USB is that you end up needing to take care of a tiny USB. If you lose that USB, you can’t use your mouse anymore. A bigger USB would be annoying.


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This doesn’t take away from the fact that any wireless mouse is more convenient than a corded mouse. So if the only option is getting a mouse with great features with a USB port or one with wires, I’d recommend the former.

But if getting a mouse with a simple Bluetooth connection is possible, that’d be great.

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What Other Features Are Important With a Bluetooth Mouse?

In addition to the functions detailed above, you should also consider other features. These include things that aren’t necessary for the basic functioning of a mouse but are included by companies to give their product an extra edge.

For instance, some mice don’t have a scroll wheel. This is especially common in minimalist companies that remove anything deemed slightly unnecessary. If you believe a scrolling wheel is necessary, you may not like these minimalist mice. Or you could absolutely love them.


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Some other mice have backward buttons. These aren’t super common, but some great Bluetooth mice have them.

The point here is that once you’ve gone over all the basic must-have features, you should look at all the other features in the mouse. While these should not be your primary consideration, they are things you should think about.


Mouse DPI is an important consideration when buying a mouse because it determines how sensitive your mouse is. 

However, there are other considerations as well. These include whether or not the mouse has a DPI switch because you may not always want a high DPI, the battery type, whether or not it is Bluetooth enabled, and other design features.

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