Can You Connect A Bluetooth Keyboard To A Smart TV? (Solved)

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Smart TVs have many capabilities, including connecting to the internet and multiple devices. Using the internet on a Smart TV involves typing search words or specific titles into the search box with a remote. Remotes are not comfortable when typing, which may lead you to wonder whether you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard to a Smart TV.

You can connect a Bluetooth Keyboard to a Smart TV with a few simple steps. There are Bluetooth keyboards that are designed to work with Smart TVs. The best brands of Smart TVs to connect to a Bluetooth keyboard are Samsung, LG, and Sony. 

I will give you a step-by-step guide on connecting a Bluetooth keyboard to a Smart TV and all you need to know about Bluetooth keyboards and Smart TVs.

Can You Connect A Bluetooth Keyboard To A Smart TV
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How to Connect a Bluetooth Keyboard to A Smart TV

You need to turn your keyboard and ensure it’s in pairing mode before you attempt to pair it with your Smart TV. 

  • Go to Settings 
  • Select Device Manager > Bluetooth devices 
  • Select your keyboard from the list of available devices 
  • Adjust settings to use the Bluetooth keyboard as the default keyboard. 

The Device Manager option may be known as External Devices or in different Smart TV brands. The procedure of pairing a Bluetooth keyboard to Smart TVs is similar for the renowned brands. 

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Can I Connect Any Bluetooth Keyboard to A Smart TV?

No. Not all Bluetooth keyboards are compatible with Smart TVs. Most Smart TVs are only compatible with a couple of Bluetooth keyboards. It would be best to use Bluetooth keyboards from your Smart TV manufacturer. 

Do research on the best Bluetooth keyboards for your model of Smart TV before making a purchase decision. You don’t want to spend a small fortune on a Bluetooth keyboard and find out it doesn’t work with your Smart TV.

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Which is the Best Bluetooth Keyboard to Connect to A Smart TV?

The TV manufacturer makes the best Bluetooth keyboard for your Smart TV. Smart TV manufacturers have several Bluetooth keyboards for their customers. For example, Samsung and LG have Bluetooth keyboards that work seamlessly with their respective Smart TVs. 

There are Bluetooth keyboards made by other manufacturers that are universal and work on multiple TVs, like the Arteck Universal 2.4G Wireless and Bluetooth Touch TV Keyboard.

Why Should I Connect a Bluetooth Keyboard to A Smart TV?

Imagine typing the name of a documentary on Netflix using your TV remote. The simple action would take a long time as you scroll through the virtual TV keyboard to find the right alphabets. 

A Bluetooth keyboard makes doing searches simple and convenient, especially if you want to watch specific content on the internet. 

Moreover, some Smart TVs allow users to type Emails, which would be hard to do with a remote. Adding a Bluetooth keyboard to your Smart TV saves time and improves your overall browsing experience. 

Is It Expensive to Connect A Bluetooth Keyboard to A Smart TV?

It depends on the type of Bluetooth keyboard you choose. There are affordable and expensive Bluetooth keyboards for Smart TVs. It would be best to select a keyboard that meets your needs and fits your budget. 

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Final Thoughts

After reading this article, I hope you are in a better position to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to a Smart TV. Please take your time finding a suitable keyboard for your Smart TV model and read reviews from other users before placing an order.

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