Can You Change Your Smartwatch Strap? (Explained!)

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Smartwatches took the world by storm when they were first introduced. They were an even more convenient mode of transport, and they came with multiple other factors. They were basically a smaller, much more portable phone.

One of the best features of smartwatches is that they are easily customizable. One such customization is the ability to change your smartwatch strap whenever you want. There are multiple smartwatch straps available in all materials, and you can switch according to whatever strap you feel suits you best.

A strap can make a huge difference in your style; you can even change straps to fit in with your fashion choice. Multiple straps are available for different smartwatch models, all just waiting for you to choose. With that being said, what do you need to consider when changing a strap? What procedure should you follow when changing a smartwatch strap? Let’s find out.

Can You Change Your Smartwatch Strap
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Things to Consider When Changing Your Smartwatch Strap

There are a number of things you need to consider when choosing a new smartwatch strap. Some of these include:

1. Size

You need to find a smartwatch strap that is the same size as your wristband. I wear a 24mm wristband, which means I would need another 24mm strap to replace the one I have.

You can purchase a strap from any shop anywhere, provided it is the same size as your previous one.

2. Material

Different smartwatch straps are made from different materials, with some using metal and others a clothlike material. The type of material you choose depends on your requirements.

For example, I sweat a lot, so I stay away from metals and plastics, especially on hot and humid days. This means I lean more towards cloth materials as they don’t trap moisture and grease.

A better material does not trap dirt and moisture as these would feel uncomfortable against your skin. You can choose from leather or fabric materials. Although if metal is more in your stride, feel free to go with that.

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3. Compatibility

Some brands do not have universal band support. Qualcomm Toq is one of the brands that don’t allow for a change of straps. Their wristbands are linked indefinitely, making it nearly impossible to resize or switch the strap.

Other brands, however, allow universal band support. This means you can switch your strap to whichever strap you find more appealing. Below, we will look at how you can change the strap on such smartwatches.

4. Price

The amount you pay on the strap depends mainly on the material and the quality of the material. Metal and leather straps tend to cost more than fabric and plastic straps. Aside from the material, higher quality materials will cost more than their lower quality counterparts.

Find a strap that suits your budget. No matter the price, don’t compromise on a poor-quality strap that can wear down soon. This will be more expensive as you will need to constantly buy a new strap to replace the old worn one.

How to Swap a Smartwatch Strap

Once you confirm that your smartwatch has universal band support, you can now switch your old strap for a new one. Now, let us move on to how you can change your smartwatch strap.

What You Need

  • New strap
  • Spring bar tool, or another similar pointed tool
  • Soft cloth. This provides a cushion for the watch’s face.

You can use any tool thin enough to fit in the small space between the strap and the bar. It can be a little hard making the change without a spring bar tool, but it is still manageable. You can also go to a jeweler who can make the switch if you don’t find the necessary tools. I got my spring bar tool from Amazon at less than $10.


This is a step-by-step guide that will show you how you can easily swap your smartwatch strap without any prior expertise.

  • Put a soft cloth on your work surface. You will use the cloth to cushion the watch’s face to prevent scratches or damage.
  • Place the face securely on the cloth, ensuring that the face is fully protected.
  • Use the spring bar tool or another similar tool to push and separate the area between the watch clamps and the strap.
  • Press down on the spring bar tool and pull it towards the strap’s center using an inwards motion. If you have another spring bar, wedge it between the watch’s face and the bar and pull inwards.
  • With the two separated, you should now be able to remove the spring bar safely. Remove the spring bar and the old wrist strap safely and place them to the side.
  • Remove the other side of the wristband using the same method and put it aside.
  • Take the new smartwatch strap and one spring bar. Place the bar in the allocated area on one of the strap’s sides.
  • Adjust the spring bar so that its two sides protrude from the new strap. Slide the new strap into the watch face safely. Note: you might need to depress one side of the bar to create a more accessible place. If you do that, make sure the shorter strap is on the same side as the watch face’s 12 o’clock reading.
  • Repeat the process on the other side and insert the second side of the strap.
  • Clamp the bar back into place using the spring bar tool. Press it down on the bar and pull outwards slightly towards the watch face’s edge. Keep doing that until you hear a click indicating that the strap is in place.
  • Once both sides of the straps are securely in place, give them a little tug to see if they are firmly attached. 

And there you go! You have replaced your smartwatch strap all by yourself. 

You can easily find new straps online on Amazon or in your local retail stores. Make sure the strap is compatible with your smartwatch before making the purchase.


Now that you know you can change your smartwatch’s strap go ahead and customize your smartwatch to suit you better. Pay close attention to whether your smartwatch allows for replacement, the material you get, and ensure you get the same size. Follow these guidelines and the procedure, and you can easily change your smartwatch strap at home.

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