Can I Use A SmartWatch On The Inside Wrist? (Solved)

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You’ve probably seen people wearing smartwatches on the inside of their wrists, or upside down as some call it. Because this isn’t the most popular position to wear a watch, you’ve might have asked yourself if you can use a smartwatch on the inside wrist?

Yes, it is possible to wear some Bluetooth watches on the inside of your wrist. However, the sensors in some models may not work as accurately, or at all, if you wear your watch on the inside of your wrist.

The reasons you’d want to wear your smartwatch on the inside of your wrist vary from practical to stylistic. Here are some of the main causes and what you can expect.

Can I Use A SmartWatch On The Inside Wrist
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Will the Features of My Smartwatch Still Work?

According to discussion forums like Reddit, some users with non-Apple smartwatches found that most of the features worked when they wore the watches on the inside of their wrists. However, a few users said functions like the heart rate monitor might not be as accurate.

Others mentioned features, such as tilt to wake, did not work well when you wear smartwatches on the inside of your wrist. And Apple’s forum specifically states the Apple Watch is not made to work when worn on the inside of a wrist.

Depending on the make and model of the smartwatch you choose, you may notice that you lose some functionality. Things like heart rate monitoring that rely on sensors could produce misleading results or become unresponsive.


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Reasons for Wearing a Smartwatch on the Inside of a Wrist

There are many reasons why you might want to wear a smartwatch on the inside of your wrist. One is preference. Some people like the way a watch feels when it’s on the inside rather than the outside of their wrists.

In the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, it was common to wear watches this way, and individuals still practice the habit. They may pick up the practice from an older family member or be from one of the generations that embraced wearing watches this way.

Besides habit and comfort preferences, there are also a few practical reasons.

Line of Work

Smartwatch wearers who work outdoors or around hazardous equipment might prefer to place their watches on the inside of their wrists. By wearing smartwatches this way, they help shield the devices from damage or excessive wear and tear.

For instance, a person with a physical job that involves unloading and reloading a truck could wear a smartwatch on the inside of their wrist to prevent the screen from getting scratched or smashed.


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Others who work outdoors doing construction or sailing a ship may want to protect the screen from the elements. In inclement weather or less than favorable conditions, wearing a smartwatch on the inside of the wrist can prevent some exposure.

Exercising Outdoors or in Public Places

Exercising outdoors or in public gyms with a smartwatch can be problematic. Some people are extremely private and do not want someone else glancing at the stats or information on their smartwatches.

By wearing one on the inside of their wrists, these individuals prevent others from looking at personal information. Those who exercise outdoors may also do this to shield the screen from the elements and potential trips and falls.

Running in public places such as parks might also present a problem for private individuals. To protect personal data, wearing a smartwatch on the inside of a wrist provides better privacy.

Ease of Use

Believe it or not, some people find it easier to use a smartwatch when it’s worn on the inside of their wrists. They can access and manipulate the features by turning their wrists to the left and extending as much effort to interact with the screen.

While this isn’t true for everyone, you can certainly try wearing and interacting with your smartwatch this way. The results may surprise you!

Privacy at Work

Ever worked around a nosy co-worker or needed to keep certain things on the down-low? Wearing your smartwatch on the inside of your wrist while you’re at work can help you maintain privacy.

Setting personal boundaries with colleagues is sometimes easier said than done. You can’t control what others do, and you may need to reaffirm your limits by keeping silent or limiting access to information about yourself.

Wearing your smartwatch on the inside prevents others from glancing over and seeing data you’d rather not share.

Mobility Issues

People with physical disabilities or limited movement in their arms and hands might choose to wear a smartwatch on the inside of their wrists. This helps them access and interact with the smartwatch.

Someone with arthritis might experience more pain and strain if the watch is on the top of their wrist. Wearing the smartwatch on the inside means they can still work within the limits of their mobility and condition. And they don’t have to give up the conveniences of tech.

Making a Statement

Then there are the people who like to make a statement by being different. Going against the status quo is something they take pride in. Wearing a smartwatch on the inside of their wrists says, “I’m not going to follow the majority blindly.”

Individuals sometimes do this as an act of rebellion, while others do it to simply stand out or have a way to start a conversation with others. There’s also the chance someone is trying to make a fashion statement, or they like the way a watch looks on the inside of their wrist.


Whatever the reason for wearing a smartwatch on the inside of a wrist, it does deviate from the current norm. Manufacturers of smartwatches have not necessarily optimized their products to work when worn this way.

However, manufacturing guidelines for smartwatches may become more diverse in the future. Just as it’s more acceptable to be inclusive of left-hand dominant individuals, those with a preference for wearing smartwatches on the inside will find workable options.


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If fashion trends and styles take a journey towards the past, manufacturers will become more open to ensuring sensors and functions work whether the smartwatch is worn inside or on top of a wrist.

Because wearing your smartwatch on the inside of your wrist is a personal decision.

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