Can I Use Acrylic Paint on My Airpods Case? (Solved!)

Airpods are sleek and stylish, and most importantly, they work well. But what if you just want to change up the look of your Airpods case? You may wonder, “Can I use acrylic paint on my Airpods Case?”

Acrylic paint is one of the only types of paint that will stick to these casings permanently. This paint may be used on practically any surface with no oil or wax covering. Painters often use it on glass, plastic, metal, stone, cloth, and leather. This adaptive paint will definitely remain on the shiny surface of an Airpods case.

In this article, I will discuss the best way to do this and provide some tips for removing the paint.

Can I Use Acrylic Paint on My Airpods Case
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How to Use Acrylic Paint on Your Airpods Case

You require the following items:

  • The base color of paint (this can be white or any light color)
  • Two to three other colors of acrylic paint
  • A mixing palette or plate
  • A small brush or toothpick
  • Water and a cup

Follow these steps to get started:

Clean the Airpods Case

One of the most efficient ways to clean it is using a soft lint-free cloth and isopropyl alcohol. Wipe down the casing with the towel to remove dust and dirt. Apply a small quantity of isopropyl alcohol to the cloth after that.

The cloth should not be soaking wet; it should feel somewhat moistened.

To clean any debris or grease, dampen a cloth and wipe the whole surface of the Airpods case. In a well-lit area, search for fingerprints by rotating the Airpods case in the light and looking for faint fingerprints.

The key objective of properly cleaning the Airpods case is to remove any debris or grease from the surface. These elements will ruin the texture of your painting and make it impossible for the acrylic paint to adhere to the casing.

Allow the Airpods case to dry fully after removing all fingerprints. Never start painting until the isopropyl alcohol has fully dried. The alcohol will alter the acrylic paint’s composition.

If you use diluted acrylic paint, your artwork will seem uneven, and the Airpods case will not be painted.

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Prime the Airpods Case

After the case is dry, apply a paint primer specifically made for plastic surfaces. Use a new, clean brush to apply an even primer layer over the entire surface.

A good paint job is all about preparation, and that begins with priming the surface you’re going to be working on. In this case, you want to use a primer made specifically for plastic surfaces. This will help the paint adhere better and also make the colors pop.

A spray paint primer is the most common choice to prime an Airpods case because it’s quick and easy to use. Hold the can about six inches away from the surface and apply an even coat.

Let the primer dry for about 30 minutes before moving on to the next step.

Choose Your Colors

Now that your Airpods case is primed and ready to go, it’s time to choose your colors. You can use any colors you want, but I recommend choosing a light color for the base coat and two or three other colors for the accent pieces.

Once you’ve chosen your colors, it’s time to start painting. Begin by applying a light coat of the base color to the entire surface. This can be white or any other light color you want. Let this coat dry for about 30 minutes before moving on to the next step.

Now you can start adding the accent colors. Use a small brush or toothpick to apply these colors in whatever design you want. Be creative and have fun with it!

Let the paint dry for about 24 hours before using your Airpods case. This will give the paint plenty of time to set and cure.

How to Remove Acrylic Paint from Your Airpods Case

In case you want to remove the paint from your Airpods case because you don’t like the way it looks; you will need the following:

  • A bowl or container filled with acetone nail polish remover
  • Cotton balls
  • Tweezers

Before removing it, ensure all the areas are dry; if not, the acetone will further damage the Airpods case.

Using a cotton ball soaked in acetone nail polish remover and tweezers, gently remove the paint off your Airpods case. Be patient, as this may take some time.

Rinse your Airpods case with warm water to remove any extra acetone once you’ve removed all of the acrylic paint.

Preventing acrylic paint from getting on surfaces that shouldn’t be painted in the first place is the greatest approach to avoid having to remove it.

Before peeling away at the edges while drying off a pattern or design onto an Airpods case using tape as a guide, ensure there isn’t any extra tape hanging out beyond where the edge will wind up being exposed again after it has dried entirely.

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Can I Use Acrylic Paint on my Airpods Case?

Yes, acrylic paint can be used on your Airpod case. Just make sure you remove any debris or grease from the surface and allow the case to dry completely before painting.

Can I Use a Different Type of Paint?

Yes, you can use other types of paint such as spray paint or even nail polish but acrylic paint is the best choice. When using a different paint make sure you follow the same steps with acrylic paint.

Can I Paint on a Silicone Airpods Case?

Yes, you certainly can. A matte finish spray paint is the simplest technique to paint on silicone. Because the Airpods are porous, they are packaged in a protective casing. Apply a matte or flat coat finish spray paint to the surface.

Final Thoughts

Acrylic paint is one of the best choices when it comes to painting your Airpods case; it sticks to Airpods case permanently, giving them a unique and colorful design.

I hope this article has helped you learn how to paint your Airpods case using acrylic paint and given you tips on how to remove it.

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