Can You Play Music On Apple Watch Without Headphones?

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Apple Watch can accomplish functions your other gadgets can’t because it’s on the wrist. You get a fitness companion who records all of your moves, keeps essential health records, and a connection to the things and people that matter to you when you put it on. But you may be wondering whether you can play music on Apple Watch without headphones?

Yes, you can play music on your apple watch without headphones. The Watch has a speaker that will allow you to listen to audiobooks, music, and more without a Bluetooth connection or headphones. However, the sound quality is not great when you compare it with other portable wireless speakers used in the market.

In this article, I will guide you on how you can set up your apple watch to play music, you’ll also learn different ways you can listen to music on your apple watch, and I’ll answer frequently asked questions on the topic.

Can You Play Music on Apple Watch Without Headphones
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How Do I Listen to Music on My Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch features a built-in speaker, although it isn’t particularly loud and tends to distort. You may control the volume using the Digital Crown or straight from the Settings app on your iPhone or watch. 

Go to Settings, then Music & Turn Off “Now Playing” by clicking firmly on the watch face screen as you look at it. Then tap the Sounds & Haptics turn off button and push the crown once.

To get a better quality of sound (particularly bass), you can use your Apple Watch with wireless headphones or an external Bluetooth speaker.

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8 Different Ways of Listening to Music on Your Apple Watch

1. Using Bluetooth Headphones

Go to your Apple Watch’s Settings and choose the Bluetooth option to link Bluetooth headphones. You’ll see a list of any devices that have previously been linked or are ready to be paired with your Watch. You can choose “Add New Device” to detect a device that isn’t shown in this list.

2. Using Wireless Speakers

You can also pair your AirPods with your Watch through the charging disc on the back for a natural connection that doesn’t need you to press any switches. In this scenario, by touching on them in Control Center, you’ll be able to check which one is linked and disconnect from there.

3. Connecting Airpods Via Charging Disk

The most crucial consideration while listening to music on your Apple Watch is if your iTunes Match library allowance covers workouts: was it acquired before or after the iCloud Music Library was turned on? Remember that anything streamed over LTE will be charged as data unless the cellular connection is switched off during workouts, which is another reason I recommend using Wi-Fi.

4. Using Bluetooth Speakers

If you don’t want Apple Watch to use cellular data when there’s a weak connection, go into the Settings app on your Watch and tap General > About > Wi-Fi Assist.

This ensures that all music streaming occurs via a steady internet connection rather than using LTE first and then falling back when required. If you’re not going to be out for lengthy periods, you may turn off Cellular Data totally under Control Center.

5. Using Apple Watch App on Your iPhone

This alternative does not need the use of headphones or even Bluetooth connectivity. Instead of having it function through a connected connection with another device, use the companion app on your phone and stream directly.

It’s simple enough, but unless you download some tunes to your Watch, you’ll need both devices with you at all times.

6. Using Headphone Amplifier/External Speaker

The sound quality on Apple Watch isn’t great since the only connection is a Lightning connector, and there’s nearly always some compression going on to make sure it can play via the Watch’s small speaker.

You may connect it to wired headphones or speakers if you want greater audio. Unless your smartphone has a built-in headphone socket, you’ll need an adapter or something with wireless Bluetooth capability (like AirPods).

7. Using Music App on Apple Watch

You may use your Watch to play any music as long as you have some songs downloaded on it. This is similar to using the Music app on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch without utilizing Wi-Fi and instead relying on a local connection.

This isn’t a problem since the playlist selections are the same whether you’re using LTE or Bluetooth headphones, but it does not mean that streaming isn’t an option.

However, this is a perfect workaround if you don’t want to use cellular data to listen to music while doing errands and don’t have your phone with you.

8. Using Headphones Via Charging Dock/ Wireless Speakers

Because the new charging station has replaced MagSafe, you won’t be able to listen to music via any headphones when using it without using another device. This is due to the lack of audio output on Apple’s device.

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How do I Set Up My Apple Watch?

1. Put Music on Your Watch

Up to 2GB of the Watch’s 8GB of storage may be utilized for music storage, which is approximately equivalent to 500 songs. To obtain music on your Watch, go to music in the Apple Watch app on your phone.

To begin, use the Playlist Limit option to choose how many tracks you wish to sync. You may establish a limit depending on the amount of storage space available or the number of songs you have. Return to the previous screen and choose the playlist you wish to sync.

2. Connect The Watch to Bluetooth Headphones

You’ll have to use Bluetooth headphones since the Watch lacks a headphone port. 

Put your Bluetooth headphones (or speaker) in pairing mode to connect the Watch to them. Then navigate to the Watch’s Settings app > Bluetooth, and your headphones should show up. Select them from the list, and you’re good to go.

3. Select The Source and Press Play

You’re nearly ready to use your Watch as an iPod after your music has finished syncing and your headphones have been attached. Last but not least, under the Audio app, change the music source.

Go to the Music app on your Watch. Use force touch to bring up additional choices (tap and hold the screen). Select Apple Watch as the source. The playlist you synchronized should now display in the app, and you may listen to music without having to use your iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can My Apple Watch Play Music Out Loud?

No. There are a few alternatives to using headphones or Bluetooth wireless earbuds to listen to music. You can connect your Watch to another device that plays audio and use it as an external speaker.

Because it eats up battery life on your phone and is wearable, this solution isn’t great if you want to remain listening after disconnecting from the other device. But, more importantly, it depletes the batteries of both devices.

Another option is to use Bluetooth speakers, such as those produced by JBL or Beats; link them to your Apple Watch Series over Bluetooth, and they should function properly. If you’re not sure which Apple Watch model you have, go to this website: “What model is my Apple Watch?”

Can I Play Spotify on My Apple Watch Without a Phone?

Yes, you can listen to music on your Apple Watch without using your phone. In the Music app, you must first download your playlist or album. Because the Apple Watch lacks a headphone port, Bluetooth headphones should do.

The speaker isn’t very loud, but it’ll work if you’re alone at home or waiting someplace without a lot of background noise.

It does, however, feature a microphone, which means Siri can be used! Now you can use all of Spotify’s capabilities on your Apple Watch! Don’t forget to update your iPhone and then go into settings > general > Bluetooth activation; otherwise, it won’t work!!

Can I Adjust the Volume on My Apple Watch?

Yes. The Digital Crown linked to it may be used to simply control music. This method is relatively straightforward; however, alternative solutions are also available.

On the other hand, adjusting sound using Digital Crown should work if you’re searching for a fast fix with no complexity or hassles.

It was created so that buttons react quickly even while wearing gloves in cold weather, and the display appears great no matter what angle your Watch is seen from.

The whole gadget is composed of stainless steel, giving it a premium appearance and making it easy to use daily.

How Do I Play Music Through My Apple Watch Speaker?

By launching the Music app on your Apple Watch, you may listen to music via the speaker. Your playlist will display, and you may choose a song to immediately begin listening to it!

If you already have Bluetooth headphones attached, they will connect instantly and take over the playback of any music you choose while in this mode.

To utilize this function, swipe up from the bottom of the screen if you’re in an app, or slide left if you’re on the home screen. You’ll see other alternatives, including “Now Playing,” which is the one you want, so touch on it instead.

When “Now Playing” displays, scroll down until you see music controls (two speakers), then tap them to start listening to music.

Final Thoughts

Can Apple Watch Play Music Without Headphones? Yes, it can. I have covered different ways to play music using your apple watch. I hope this article has helped you discover the full potential of your apple watch.

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