Leaked! Is this the new Apple Airpods 3?

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Rumor! Leaked photos are alleged to show the new AirPods model that may be launched later this year. So, how does it look?

Apple Airpods 3

It’s always fun with rumors, this time from @LeaksApplePro on Twitter and 52audio: shows what allegedly might be the next AirPods model. But whether the design will be exactly this way is not given at all.


(Image Credit: 52audio)

From the photos, it looks like the design of the new generation of AirPods may adopt a handle-type semi-in-ear design, which mixes a number of the characteristics of AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro. The earphone handle looks a little longer than AirPods Pro. The earphone might be a semi-in-ear design and might be used with earplugs. The new generation of AirPods will probably support active noise reduction.

When comparing the headset charging box with the AirPods Pro charging box, it looks like the size is a little smaller and the charging indicator is on the front of the case. I expect the charging box to support wireless charging.


The rumors state that these AirPods 3 (or possibly AirPods Pro Light) will be priced around $ 150. Thus, this will roughly correspond to the price for second-generation AirPods with an ordinary case, but with functionality similar to AirPods Pro – and a smaller design.

How the Apple Airpods have evolved

When comparing the new generation of AirPods with the older ones, we can see that the size of its charging box may be almost the same as the horizontal AirPods 2 charging box, but smaller than the charging box of AirPods Pro. The size of the earphones looks also a little smaller than that of AirPods Pro. If this is true, it will be more convenient to carry and use on a daily basis.

(Image Credit: 52audio)

I’m excited and will be looking for more information as soon as it appears.

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