How To Reset Bose Bluetooth Headphones (Solved & Explained!)

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There have been a lot of headphones brands in the market that are wireless. With each wireless Headphone available, there is a similar or completely different approach to handling their functionality. Bose is a popular brand in the market that manufactures high-quality headphones; this is how to reset Bose Bluetooth headphones.

Different approaches can be used to reset a Bose Bluetooth headphone. The resetting can be done by physically holding on to specific buttons on the headsets or using the Bose application. The methods help clear all the memory accumulated by the headphones, and you can start using them afresh.

This article will take you through several ways to reset your Bluetooth headphones while answering frequently asked questions related to the topic.

How to Reset Bose Bluetooth Headphones
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What are the Different ways of resetting Bose headphones?

1. Manual Reset 

This is the quickest and simplest method to reset the wireless headphones. To reset the Headphone, you will need to plug the Headphone in a power socket and hold on to the Bluetooth button on the Headphone until two flashes of LED lights are seen.

Once there is a flash, your headphones are reset, and you can unplug from the power.

2. Using The Bose Application

You will need to have a Bose application on your smartphone in this method. Go to the Bose application and open it to tap on the left part of the screen. After that, you will go to ‘manage products.’ 

On the product management window, you will select your headphones and click on the option to delete them. Once you delete everything connected to the headphones, you are ready to restart as the reset process is complete.

Why Is My Bose Headphone Not Pairing?

After resetting the Bluetooth speaker, you will need to pair a device again for you to enjoy using it again. If pairing, you might encounter a problem with your phone not connecting to your Bluetooth headphone.

The Bose headphone will not pair if the Bluetooth function on either device is not enabled or discoverable. The Headphone might also be far apart, and it will be more helpful to connect if they are closer together.

How Do I Pair My Bose Speaker With a Computer?

To use the wireless speaker on your computer, always ensure that the computer you are using has Bluetooth on them. If the computer lacks Bluetooth, you can use a USB Bluetooth adapter to streamline the pairing process.

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How Do I Clear My Bose Pairing List?

  • Ensure that the Bose headphones are off.
  • Hold on to the power button for about 10 seconds.
  • You will receive a voice message for successfully clearing the pairing list.

Do Bose Headphones Offer the Best Noise Cancellation?

The Bose brand has set the standard for premium noise cancelation features for headphones. The Bluetooth headphone has been designed with soft foam on the top band and soft ear cushions, making wearing comfortable. The foam offers comfort for you and blocks all the noise from outside, making it an excellent product to use for traveling.

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How Do I Pair My Bose Headphones?

There are two ways to pair the headphones with your smart device; the first is the standard pairing method by using your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings. For a better experience to enjoy multiple features of the wireless headphones, I recommend downloading and using the Bose application from either Apple or Android store.

 Once you download the application from the store, which is free, the setup process is streamlined. You will switch on the headphones and open the application; from that, the application will locate the headphones, and it will automatically pair with the device you are using.

Why Is Bose Rejecting Pairing?

Sometimes, when pairing the Bose headphone to your phone, this might reject. This is not a common issue but is easily solved by clearing the Bluetooth pairing list and starting the pairing process again.

What Are the Common Problems with Bose headphones and how Do I Troubleshoot?

Every product ever manufactured has its shortcomings when used; it is essential to identify these shortcomings to implement ways to fix them. Some of the common problems that arise from Bose headphones are;

Audio Connection Drops

One of the most frustrating things is encountering hiccups or dropouts of audio when listening to something. This mostly happens when the Headphone firmware is not up to date. To solve this, you will need an update on your Bose firmware.

Headphones Not Connecting to Phone

If the Headphone is not connecting to your phone, first, you need to ensure that the charging cable is not connected to your Headphone. If that does not solve the issue, you can unpair the connected phone and start the pairing process again.

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How Do I Update the Firmware Version of Bose Headphones?

Through the Bose application, the firmware version of your Headphone can be updated. You will need to open the application when connected to Wi-Fi, and an update will pop out on the screen. The updated firmware will automatically download, and it will take about 45 minutes; in the meantime, while downloading, you can continue using the Headphone.

How Do I Find the Serial number To My Bose Headphone?

The serial number for the Bluetooth headphone is located inside the right ear cup. To be able to peel off the scrim, which is a mesh later protecting the contents inside the Headphone, you will have to be gentle and not press down on any components of the driver as this will cause damage.

The serial number is very important as it will be helpful when there are issues with your Bose Bluetooth headphones, and you need to speak to customer support. The customer support will ask you for the serial number to serve you better. It is essential to undertake the process of getting the serial number delicately as the headphones are not impervious to damage or defects.


Bose Headphones offer excellent sound quality and noise cancelation features. It is the best Headphone to own. If you need to reset the Bose headphone to connect to another device, this is a skill that a headphone owner should possess. 

Though one way for resetting might fail, Bose has multiple approaches to get the work done. Resetting your Bluetooth headphone might be the answer to your headphones’ problems.

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