How To Really Make Headphones Fit A Small Head (Solved!)

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Headphones don’t have a one-size-fits-all option, and most people with small heads find themselves with oversize headphones that don’t fit snuggly. Oversize headphones make it hard to move around because the headphones keep falling off. So, here is how to make headphones fit a small head snugly. 

You should find ways to fill the gap between your head and the headphones by using padded accessories or switching out parts of your headphones. High-end headphones allow users to customize their headphones with replacement parts and accessories. You can buy a smaller headphone band, more oversized ear pads, or use an elastic headband. 

I will explain how to make headphones fit a small head without spending a lot of money. Also, you will have several options to choose which method suits you best. 

How To Really Make Headphones Fit A Small Head
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How to Make Headphones Fit A Small Head

I understand that sometimes headphones can be oversized for small heads or kids, even when the headband is in the smallest setting. There are several adjustments you can make so that your headphones fit snugly.

Most of the tips won’t cost you much, but they will positively improve your listening experience using headphones. 

1. Adjust Your Headband

Before you head out and buy accessories for your headphones, you should try to adjust your headband to the smallest distance. Adjustable headbands allow users to change the length of the headband to a size that suits them well. You can check the manufacturer’s website for instructions on adjusting your headphone’s headband. 

If your headband isn’t adjustable, don’t fret. I still have a couple of alternatives that you can explore. 

2. Buy a Seat Belt Strap Pad

Seat belt strap pads are primarily for adding comfort to uncomfortable seat belt straps. However, a heavily padded seat belt strap pad can fill the gap between a small head and headphones. Wrap a seat belt strap pad around the headphone’s headband and adjust it until it fits snugly. 

Seat belt strap pads are available online at the cost of $5-$10, and they can make your headphones fit better. Moreover, you get to enjoy wearing a comfortable headband when listening to music. The downside is that most seat belt strap pads are not attractive, and they will not make your headphones look ‘cool.’

3. Replace Your Headband

Some headphone brands allow users to customize components of the headphones for a better user experience. You can buy a small headband that will immediately make the headphones fit snugly. Check out whether your headphones are customizable from the manufacturer’s website.

You don’t need to buy headbands from your manufacturer if your headphones are customizable. You can opt for a trendy headband that fits your character instead of the manufacturers’ plain headphone headbands.

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4. Replace Your Ear Pads

Most headphone models allow users to replace ear pads for upgrading purposes or replacing worn-out ear pads. You can swap out your current ear pads for thicker ones that will make the headphones fit snuggly. There are many earpad sizes available online, and some of them are compatible with most headphone brands. 

Ensure you buy breathable ear pads that are soft and comfortable should you choose to replace your ear pads with bigger ones. Invest in ear pads that will provide high-quality sound and a comfortable experience. 

5. Use an Elastic Headband 

You can opt for an elastic headband that doesn’t need adjusting to hold your headphones close to your ears. Elastic headbands are excellent for growing kids whose heads don’t fit into regular headphones. Add the band over your headphone headband for extra clamping force.

An elastic headband increases the clamping power of your headphones and ensures that they are tight when you wear them. Also, elastic bands ensure that your headphones don’t fall off when moving around.

6. Wear a Hat 

You can wear a hat or beanie when using headphones to keep them in place. Hats are an effective way to ensure that oversize headphones fit tightly and don’t fall off. Test out various hats to see which ones go well with your model of headphones. 

Ensure that the headphones are not too tight when you wear your hat because you don’t want to feel uncomfortable. Overall, hats add size to your head and fill the gap between your head and headphones. 

Why Is It Important For Headphones To Fit Well?

Most headphone users wear them when doing other activities to beat boredom. Some use headphones as part of their job activities. Current headphones are wireless and loose ones can fall and get permanent damage. 

Fitting headphones ensure that they stay on your head whenever you listen to music. Also, tight headphones won’t fall off now and then, interrupting your listening experience. Therefore, well-fitting headphones ensure you have a seamless listening experience whether you are working, watching a movie, or listening to your favorite tunes.

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Reasons Why Headphones My Be Loose

There are two main reasons why headphones may be loose or keep falling off when you wear them. The first reason is that they are the wrong size, and the other is when headphones don’t have enough clamping force. 

1. Small Head

It’s hard for individuals with small heads to find wireless headphones that fit tightly. You can benefit by choosing the right headphone size, especially when ordering online. Choosing headphones with an adjustable headband would be best to select the best fit for you. 

Also, you can find the best headphones for people with small heads. It would help if you knew the length of headband that would be ideal for you before you go shopping. Measure the distance between your ears to get the perfect headband size. 

2. Not Enough Clamping Force 

There is always a debate about the clamping force that headphones have. Some brands have too much clamping force, while others don’t have enough clamping power. Moreover, some brands of headphones lose their clamping power after a short while and start falling off. 

A DIY method can work to restore the clamping power of some brands of headphones. Place the headphones uprights between two heavy objects and bring the heavy objects closer. 

Leave the headphones in that position for a day or two and test them to see whether the clamping force has improved. Don’t apply too much power when setting up your headphones between two heavy objects, so they don’t break. You can use jars of food, books, or other heavy household items for your DIY solution. 

What Happens If The Methods Above Don’t Work?

If you have tried all the methods I provided earlier, and nothing works, it’s time to invest in headphones for small heads. Some brands have headphones for small heads with excellent sound quality and comfort. Some renowned brands that carry models for small heads include Sony, Bose, and Beats by Dre. 

Investing in headphones for small heads will eliminate the challenges you face using regular headphones. Most headphones for small heads come with an adjustable headband to ensure you can adjust them to your size. Getting headphones for a small head will save you a lot of hassles and struggles. 


Can Glasses Make Headphones Fit Small Heads?

Glasses add some width to your head, and they can help small heads into headphones if the glass frames are thick. Most headphones designs are not for people wearing glasses, making fitting headphones too tight. Therefore, wearing glasses can make loose-fitting headphones fit more tightly. 

However, wearing eyeglasses doesn’t always make headphones fit small heads better. 

Do Bigger Ear Pads Make Headphones Fit Small Heads?

Yes, manufacturers use the form to create thicker or bigger earpads that can make headphones fit snugly on small heads. The bigger earpads don’t negatively affect the sound quality of your headphones. They improve how well headphones fit on a small head. 

Are There Wireless Headphones For Small Heads?

Yes, you can find headphones that will fit nicely on a small head at prices similar to regular headphones. Headphones for small heads have all the features of excellent headphones. The only difference is their designs for people with a small head circumference. 

Overall, don’t be afraid to invest in headphones for small heads when everything else you’ve tried doesn’t work. The smaller size than regular headphones doesn’t translate to a low-quality listening experience. 

Can A Head Wrap Make Headphones Fit Small Heads?

Yes. A headwrap works the same way as a hat because they add to the size of your head. You can use a head wrap to increase your head’s size before wearing oversize headphones.
There are head wrapping styles for both men and women, and no one will know that you are using a head wrap to get your headphones to fit better. Overall, wearing a hat is more straightforward than using a head wrap to better fit your headphones. 

How Well Do Replacement Headbands Work?

Replacement headbands for headphones work well if you choose the correct size. Replacing the headband of your oversize headphones with a smaller one will make them fit better. Moreover, you can find a headband size that works best for your needs before purchasing. 


You can make headphones fit small heads with a few DIY methods or buy some replacement parts. It won’t cost you a lot to purchase replacement parts to customize headphones to a small head. I hope the information is helpful and you can make headphones fit a small head tightly.

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