Do All Amazon Kindles Have Bluetooth? (Solved!)

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When you think of Amazon Kindles, you might not think about Bluetooth. In this post, I will be answering the question: do all Amazon Kindles have Bluetooth? I will also go over some frequently asked questions about Bluetooth in Kindle devices.

Not all Kindle devices have Bluetooth. The first-generation Kindle and the original Kindle Fire do not have built-in Bluetooth technology. However, most newer versions of Amazon Kindles, such as Paperwhite and Oasis, come with Bluetooth.

When you have Bluetooth on a Kindle device, it enables the convenience of transferring files between devices easily. You only need to pair your Amazon Kindle with another compatible device to send and receive books wirelessly.

Moreover, it helps users listen to audiobooks without connecting earphones or headphones as many models come equipped with built-in speakers. And if you have a Bluetooth-enabled Kindle, it enables the ability to use external speakers for listening to music and audiobooks as well.

Do All Amazon Kindles Have Bluetooth
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Do All Amazon Kindles Come with Bluetooth?

No, not all Amazon Kindles come with Bluetooth. The first-generation Kindle and the original Kindle Fire do not have built-in Bluetooth technology, but many newer versions of Amazon Kindles come with the feature.

Which Amazon Kindles Have Bluetooth?

Here are some of the Amazon Kindles that are Bluetooth-enabled:

Kindle Fire HD: This Kindle has Bluetooth connectivity. You can use it to listen to audiobooks, as well as connect with other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Kindle Paperwhite: This Kindle has a built-in Bluetooth chip that enables you to easily send files between devices. Besides, it also has an improved Audible experience.

Kindle Oasis: This Kindle is the most luxurious and expensive Kindle that Amazon has ever released. It not only comes with a built-in Bluetooth chip, but it’s also waterproof.

Why You Should Choose a Kindle with Bluetooth

There are a few benefits of having a kindle that is Bluetooth-enabled. They include the following, among others:

You can share files between devices

This is among the major benefits of having Bluetooth on a Kindle. With it, you can easily send files between devices without having to use cables or adapters.

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You can listen to audiobooks without headphones

Most Kindle models come with built-in speakers. This means that you can listen to audiobooks and music without connecting earphones or headphones.

You can use external speakers

If you have a Bluetooth-enabled Kindle, you can also use external speakers to listen to music and audiobooks. This is especially convenient if you want better sound quality or if you’re sharing the listening experience with someone else.

You can use Bluetooth headphones

Say you are in a noisy place, but you want to listen to an audiobook. You can connect your Bluetooth headphones to your Kindle and listen without any distractions.

How to Know if My Kindle Has Bluetooth

It is easy to know whether or not your Kindle has Bluetooth.

Launch “Settings” and go to “Device Options.” The bottom of the page will have a list that includes Bluetooth. If it’s listed, then your Kindle has built-in Bluetooth technology. On some models, you might need to press on Settings first before going over to Device Options and scrolling down in order to see the listing for Bluetooth.

How to Turn On Bluetooth on Kindle Devices?

If you have a kindle that does not have built-in Bluetooth technology, it’s pretty easy for you to turn this feature on. Here are the steps:

Click “Settings” Go over to Device Options the bottom of the page will have a list that includes Bluetooth. Click on the Bluetooth option.

A pop-up will appear. Click “Turn On Bluetooth.” Click on the Next button to continue enabling your Kindle’s Bluetooth feature. You can now use compatible devices like headphones or speakers that are connected via this technology with your kindle device.

You can also simply swipe down the home screen and then tap on the Bluetooth icon.

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How to Connect Amazon Kindle to a Bluetooth Device

To connect Bluetooth-enabled Kindle to a Bluetooth device, ensure the device you want to pair with is discoverable.

Go to “Settings” on your Kindle and tap “Wireless and Bluetooth.” Click on Pair Bluetooth Device and let your Kindle scan for devices in the vicinity. Once it finds the device you want to pair with, just follow the on-screen instructions.

It’s as easy as that. Now you can enjoy all of your audio content without having any cords getting in the way.

How to Pair Kindle Paperwhite with Bluetooth Headphones

To connect your Kindle Paperwhite with your Bluetooth Headphones, go to “Settings” and tap “All Setting.” Click on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and then switch the Bluetooth on.

Tap “Bluetooth Devices.” The screen will now show the discoverable Bluetooth devices. There will also be an option to do a rescan just in case there are new devices that you have not seen and would like to pair with.

Tap the device name of your Bluetooth Headphones or Speaker to connect them together.

If you are having trouble pairing, you may need to try turning the Bluetooth off and on again. This is a common problem when pairing devices that use different versions of Bluetooth technology.

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Are Amazon Kindles with Bluetooth Easy to Use?

Yes, all Amazon Kindles with Bluetooth are very easy to use. Follow the tips above to connect your Kindle with Bluetooth-enabled devices like headphones or speakers. You can also use this technology to connect with other compatible devices in the vicinity.

Enjoy all of your audiobooks, music, and more without any cables or adapters. Just make sure that your Kindle has Bluetooth enabled so you can start listening right away.

Final Thoughts

While not all Amazon Kindles have Bluetooth, most newer models come with this feature so you can easily pair your phone or other devices with your Kindle. Bluetooth is a convenient way to connect these connected devices without having any wires getting in the way and can help you listen more easily to audiobooks.

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