Do Bluetooth Printers Need WIFI? (Solved And Explained!)

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Wireless printers are a convenience that makes your desk look neat and organized. You can choose between a Bluetooth and WiFi printer when selecting a wireless one. So, what mechanism do Bluetooth printers use to communicate?

Bluetooth printers use Bluetooth Standard technology to communicate with connected devices. Bluetooth printers don’t need WiFi to print content from your computer. You can use Bluetooth anywhere in the absence of WiFi. 

I will explain how Bluetooth printers work, the best way to use them, and everything you need to know to operate a Bluetooth printer seamlessly. 

Do Bluetooth Printers Need WIFI
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Do Bluetooth Printers Need WiFi?

No. Bluetooth printers don’t need WiFi to work because they have an in-built Bluetooth chip. Bluetooth works through short waves sent between devices to communicate. Therefore, Bluetooth printers have a network that works even when offline. 

Most laptops and computers are Bluetooth enabled, and it is easy to pair a Bluetooth Printer by adding a new Bluetooth device. Moreover, Bluetooth printers are perfect for individual use or small organizations. 

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How Do Bluetooth Printers Work?

Your computer Bluetooth and the printer should be on before you start the pairing process. You can use a Bluetooth printer by going to your Settings > Devices & Printers and selecting your Bluetooth printer to pair it. Print something to ensure that the printer is connected. 

Bluetooth printers receive printing commands from your computer through short waves and translate them into printouts. Bluetooth printers are similar to other wired printers except for where they use a wireless connection. 

Overall, you can print your documents if the printer is paired with your computer. Moreover, it is easy to heavy-duty Bluetooth printers for individuals who do a large amount of printing. 

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Can Bluetooth Printers Connect to WiFi?

No. Bluetooth printers are fitted with Bluetooth technology, which is different from WiFi technology. Most Bluetooth printers can only print via Bluetooth, and they can’t connect to WiFi to print.

Therefore, you need to confirm that your computer is Bluetooth enabled before you opt to buy a Bluetooth printer. Also, do some research on the best Bluetooth printers for your computer brand model. Some printers have excellent performance with some brands than others. 

Do Bluetooth Printers Pair With All Types of Computers?

Not entirely. Bluetooth printers pair with computers and laptops that have Bluetooth capabilities. You can check your settings to see whether your computer is Bluetooth enabled. Older desktop computers may not be Bluetooth enabled because they have a printer port for wired printers.

You can buy a USB Bluetooth adapter for older computer models that don’t have Bluetooth. The adapter will allow you to connect a Bluetooth printer to your computer and easily print out documents. 

Do Bluetooth Printers Experience Interference?

Bluetooth printers can experience interference from other devices, like appliances, mobile devices, and other electronic gadgets near the printer. You can always place the printer near your computer or laptop to reduce external interferences.

What is the Range of a Bluetooth Printer?

Bluetooth printers have a range radius of 10 meters. It is ideal for a home office or a small business office. The radius of 10 meters is an approximation, and sometimes the printer will have a shorter radius depending on the number of obstacles between the printer and computer. 

Can I Use a Bluetooth Printer Without WiFi?

Yes. As stated earlier, Bluetooth printers use independent channels that rely on short waves and not the internet. Therefore, you can use Bluetooth Printers as long as you have a Bluetooth-enabled device.

Bluetooth printers are excellent for areas without WiFi and areas where internet connections are spotty. The printers ensure that you can print anytime, whether the internet is up and running or down.  

Are Bluetooth Printers Secure?

Although Bluetooth printers don’t use WiFi, there are security concerns on whether the printers can be hacked. The truth is that a tenacious hacker can hack into your Bluetooth printer. However, you can set it up in a way that discourages malicious parties from hacking it. 

You can install a reliable firewall to your Bluetooth printers and set a strong password to ensure only authorized users can print using it. Therefore, you can print sensitive documents without worrying that someone is spying on you. 

What Do I Do When My Bluetooth Printer Isn’t Printing?

There are several reasons why a Bluetooth printer may not print documents when you need them. Thankfully, most of the issues that arise from using a Bluetooth printer can be solved fast in a few simple steps.

  • Check If the Printer Is On

Bluetooth printers can stay on standby mode for a while, but eventually, the printer will go off if you don’t use it. You should check if the printer is on and turn it on if you find it off. Always check the printer before you start using it to ensure it’s on. 

  • Check the Bluetooth Connection

Check if your computer is connected to your Bluetooth printer if the device is on and nothing is happening. Bluetooth printers connect to one device at a time. In case someone else used the printer after you, they would have to unpair your device to pair the printer to their devices. 

Moreover, you can’t print using a Bluetooth device when paired to another device. A quick look at the device and printer settings on your computer will tell you if the printer is connected or not. 

Are Bluetooth Printers Worth It?

Yes. Bluetooth printers have many advantages, and they offer excellent performance like any wired printer. Bluetooth printers are convenient and can help you maintain a clean desk without tangled wires. 

Moreover, Bluetooth printers don’t need WiFi to work in remote locations or when the internet is down. There are affordable models of Bluetooth speakers that offer the same level of performance as wired printers.

Finally, setting up a Bluetooth printer takes a couple of minutes, and it’s not complicated. Unlike wired printers, there are fewer opportunities to mess up connecting a Bluetooth printer to a computer. 

Final Thoughts 

Bluetooth printers use an offline communication channel, and they don’t need internet data to work. I hope the information above was helpful and you better understand Bluetooth speakers.

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