Can Bluetooth Speakers Play in Stereo? (Solved!)

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The increase in the use of Bluetooth speakers has led speakers to want to differentiate between Mono and Stereo Bluetooth speakers. It can be hard to identify whether Bluetooth speakers can play in stereo if you don’t know how to identify a stereo Bluetooth speaker. 

Simply put, Bluetooth speakers can play in stereo if the speaker is built for stereo audio content. A mono Bluetooth speaker can’t play music in stereo because it can’t do so. Therefore, if you want Bluetooth speakers to play in stereo, you have to buy a stereo Bluetooth speaker or speakers that can pair and play in stereo together.

I will help you understand how Bluetooth speakers can play in stereo and how to choose a stereo Bluetooth speaker. 

Can Bluetooth Speakers Play in Stereo
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Can Bluetooth Speakers Play in Stereo?

Yes, if they are enabled to play stereo music. Let me first explain the difference between stereo and mono tracks. Stereo tracks are recorded through different channels or levels of sound while mono through one input channel. Therefore, stereo speakers play the different sound levels in a stereo track. 

Stereo Bluetooth speakers have two speakers inside to transmit on different channels. Therefore, each speaker produces different sounds on different levels, making the sound experience similar to natural sound. Mono Bluetooth speakers have one speaker inside that produces audio in one channel. 

It is rare to find a Bluetooth speaker with two in-built speakers within. However, more manufacturers are embracing the technology. Your Bluetooth speakers can play in stereo if they have two speakers inside. 

Here are two examples of Bluetooth speakers with stereo sound:

Bestisan Bookshelf Speakers
Sound Power
Sound Power
2 x 20W
Bluetooth Version
Bluetooth Version
Connection Methods
Connection Methods
Bluetooth / TF card / AUX-IN
Water Resistance
Water Resistance
Charging Port
Charging Port
Power Adapter

Can Mono Bluetooth Speakers Play in Stereo?

Yes, it’s possible to make a mono speaker to play in stereo. Several Bluetooth speakers can pair multiple speakers together, which plays in stereo. One example of this is the JBL Charge 5. You can use the PartyBoost feature to pair two JBL PartyBoost-compatible speakers in stereo.

Is There A Notable Difference When Bluetooth Speakers Play in Stereo?

It depends on the design of the Bluetooth Stereo speaker you are using. Ideally, Bluetooth speakers should be small and portable. It’s the reason most are mono speakers because manufacturers can easily fit one small speaker in a portable Bluetooth speaker. 

You will only hear a notable difference between a mono Bluetooth speaker and a stereo one if you buy a large stereo Bluetooth speaker. I know it doesn’t sound obvious, but I will clarify in a minute. 

The problem with stereo Bluetooth speakers is that manufacturers have to cram two small speakers inside, side by side. Each speaker will project a different channel, but the sound mingles and sounds like a mono track because they are closely packed. 

You can avoid the issue by buying a large Bluetooth speaker that can place two speakers apart for a better sound experience. Large Bluetooth speakers can be portable in your car or backpack, allowing you to enjoy surround sound. It’s a compromise that can allow you to enjoy a portable Bluetooth speaker that can play in stereo. 

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Are Bluetooth Speakers That Play In Stereo More Expensive?

Yes. Stereo Bluetooth speakers are more expensive than mono Bluetooth speakers because they use more components. Therefore, you should expect to pay a little extra when you choose to buy a stereo Bluetooth speaker. The price tag is worth it because you will enjoy all your music with high-quality sound. 

Why Do I Need Bluetooth Speakers That Play in Stereo?

Most music, movie sound, and gaming audio are in stereo form. Therefore, you need a stereo speaker to enjoy all the aspects of the audio content you are listening to at the time. 

For example, you won’t get the whole sound experience of a movie if you project the audio through a mono Bluetooth speaker. You will miss out on parts of the film because the sound is a crucial part of a movie experience. 

You need a stereo Bluetooth speaker if you spend a lot of time gaming, streaming modern movies, or music. A powerful stereo Bluetooth speaker can create a surround sound experience when watching a movie or gaming. It can take your watching, listening, or gaming experience to another level because of high-quality sound. 

How Much Do Bluetooth Speakers That Play in Stereo Cost?

You can expect to pay $50-$100 for a cheap Bluetooth stereo speaker. Premium stereo Bluetooth speakers can cost $200-$300. Overall, it’s easy to find Bluetooth speakers that play in stereo online for every budget. 

Don’t be discouraged in your search for Bluetooth speakers that play in stereo if you can’t make a premium speaker. Some brands offer high-quality Bluetooth speakers for an affordable price. 

How Can I Identify If My Bluetooth Speaker Plays in Stereo?

There are simple ways to identify whether you own a stereo or mono Bluetooth speaker. You can determine the type of Bluetooth speaker you own at home with simple steps. 

The first method is looking at the number of speaker cones your Bluetooth speaker has inside. Hold the speaker facing you and look inside it past the mesh at the front. A single speaker cone shows a mono speaker, and two indicate it’s a stereo speaker. 

The second method identifies whether you have a mono Bluetooth speaker with two cones or a stereo speaker. Stereo speakers produce different audio content on the left and right cones. Play some music and listen to the output on the left and right sides. 

If you hear the same stuff on both speakers, you have a mono speaker with two in-built speakers. A stereo Bluetooth speaker may produce the singer’s voice on one speaker and instruments on the other side. You will hear specific parts of your audio on each speaker because each speaker projects a different sound channel from the other. 

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Bluetooth Speakers Play in Stereo or Mono: Which One Is Better?

Both stereo and mono Bluetooth speakers are excellent. The best Bluetooth speaker between the two will depend on your audio content and size. 

A stereo Bluetooth speaker is excellent for movies, music, and gaming. A mono Bluetooth speaker is ideal for audiobooks, guides, interviews, and communication. You have to decide which type of Bluetooth speaker best suits your sound projection needs. 

Final Thoughts 

Bluetooth speakers are enabled to play in stereo, but they aren’t as popular as those equipped to play in stereo. A stereo Bluetooth speaker provides a surround sound quality, providing an incredible listening experience. I recommend a stereo Bluetooth speaker because you will need it more for entertainment purposes.

I hope you understand the difference between stereo and mono Bluetooth speakers. Also, I hope you find a Bluetooth speaker that meets your needs and budget. Some of the brands with the best stereo Bluetooth speakers are JBL and Sony. 

Overall, try for a premium Bluetooth speaker because they produce the best sound quality.

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