10 reasons you should buy Bluetooth Headphones

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You may be wondering, are Bluetooth headphones worth it?

Should you spend that extra money? Is it worth jumping on the bandwagon of wireless connections? 

There’s no better teacher than experience, and after using my pair of headphones, I would like to give you my two cents on the matter.

Read ahead for a detailed take on the pros of investing in Bluetooth headphones.

Then you can make an informed decision about whether they suit your daily usage. 

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Bluetooth Headphones

10 reasons you should buy Bluetooth headphones 

Wireless headphones are a hugely popular marketing product for the audio industry.

There’s a clear and rapid shift among people from long wires dangling off their ears to little stubs adjusted in there. There certainly are good reasons for that.

Here’s a case for are Bluetooth headphones worth it?

1. Going wireless

Probably the biggest reason why people are loving their new Bluetooth headphones is that there is something freeing in going wireless.

I personally loved the convenience of not having to carry my phone around with me on a wire.

If you like casually dancing to an upbeat song in your room as I do, the Bluetooth headset is a godsend. I used to stumble over my wire all the time, and each time I’d feel guilty for damaging my phone’s wire port. 

No wires also mean no untangling.

Finding your headphone wire all tangled up is one of the most frustrating things. No one wants to spend 10 minutes untangling them shockingly tough knots that mysteriously form. 

2. Using them in public

Being wireless is also great for public use.

In public crowds, like waiting in a subway, you might not feel comfortable having your phone out (I know I don’t).

Some bags have a hole designed to let you connect your wired headphones to your phone from inside the bag, keeping it safe. But you might not have that in your bag or purse.

With a Bluetooth headset, you can connect to your phone while it’s in the safety of your bag.

This makes it much harder for pickpockets to get their hands on your phone.

Besides, simply knowing that my phone is tucked away safely in my bag gives me peace of mind.

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3. Exercise

For people who like to listen to music on their regular jogs or workout hours in the gym, I can assure you that you won’t regret your purchase.

My Bluetooth headset was actually a great motivator for me to get out of my sleazy routine and commit to longer exercise hours.

Wired headphones are a terrible option for working out or going on a run because you risk stumbling over your own wire. When you’re on the run or in the gym next to heavy equipment, you don’t want to risk that happening. Don’t even get me started on the dangers of using wired headphones on a treadmill!

As far as speakers are concerned, personally, I don’t particularly appreciate putting on my music in public because it might not be to everybody’s taste.

Besides, if there’s someone else in the gym with their speakers or if the gym is playing its own songs, it’s going to be a messy, awkward situation.

I also love the noise cancellation feature for this reason, but more on that later. 

A Bluetooth headset can put you back on track with your workout regimen.

My workouts have become much more exciting ever since I’ve got myself a Bluetooth headset.

I actually look forward to morning runs now. This might not be the most obvious benefit, but you’d be surprised by how effective it can be. 

4. Battery life 

This is a major criticism of wireless Bluetooth headsets. But you’ll be surprised to know how long these Bluetooth headsets can last.

Now, of course, there is a very important distinction between earbud battery life and the battery life of headsets.

Quite simply, Bluetooth headsets have much longer battery life.

It all comes down to the Bluetooth technology that is suitable for such uses because it consumes far less energy than other wireless connections. 

Wired headphones don’t need any charging, so we know this might be a big turn-off for some people from investing in Bluetooth headsets.

But a little discipline can go a long way in making sure you don’t encounter the robotic “recharge” voice in the middle of your favorite song.

Most headsets offer around 20 hours of functioning on a full charge, so you shouldn’t be worried.

Charging your headphones before going to bed or whenever you charge your phone is a great way to have your device ready all the time.

Overall, the battery concern isn’t as real as people paint it out to be in reviews.

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5. You can use the Trusted devices feature. 

Trusted device feature quite simply lets you choose certain devices to “trust” on your mobile.

Whenever your phone is in close proximity to these devices, it will stay unlocked. It might not sound like a game-changing feature, but it makes working on your phone faster and convenient. 

Think about it this way: when you’re getting in your car in a rush and yank your seatbelt too fast, it gets stuck. You have to slow down before you can fasten your seatbelt.

You unlock your phone several dozen times a day, but there’s no real need for that when you’re at your house. 

This feature detects the Bluetooth signals that are used in connecting you to your Bluetooth headset.

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Since wired headsets don’t have that feature, you can’t use them to get the trusted device feature. 

6. Sound quality and style improvement 

Bluetooth technology has come a long way over the last decade.

Across the five versions of Bluetooth that have developed over time, there’s a marked difference in how user-friendly this connection has become. 

If you used Bluetooth in your early days, you might recall how annoying pairing could get sometimes.

The transmitted information took aegis to transfer, disconnections were common, and the audio quality was almost always distorted. 

The latest Bluetooth technology has overcome all these hurdles, and it makes for an easy-to-use, fast pairing tool.

Now, I’m not going to argue that Bluetooth headsets can be used for high-end audio purposes. The technology needs some time before you can get the perfect output.

But unless you’re a music tech enthusiast, you’ll barely notice any difference. 

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Wired connections transmit far less distorted information, but the Bluetooth headsets will work almost flawlessly for the average user.

Besides, at the rate at which Bluetooth technology is growing and fixing its shortcomings, the gap in audio quality will be bridged in no time. 

7. Devices are no longer limiting. 

From your work PC, personal laptop, and mobile device, you might want an audio piece that can work on all of them.

What often happens with people using wired headphones is that the jack isn’t compatible with their wired headphone’s jack. Imagine getting a new phone and realizing that your wired headphone has the wrong connector. 

Newer smartphones also changed their connector port to 3.5 mm. This leaves you with a perfectly functional headset that you can’t use.

Bluetooth devices, on the other hand, are non-exclusive and widespread. Practically all devices out there have a Bluetooth connection

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Even if the Bluetooth is of an earlier version, your device can still connect to it (it will just use the features of the older version).

In case your device doesn’t have that feature, then you can get a dongle to get an external connection. 

8. Fashionable 

There’s no denying that the world is moving towards Bluetooth technology.

Wires are quickly becoming a thing of the past, and getting connected by invisible strings is the more stylistic choice. Not everybody admits it, but appearing fashionable influences our technological preferences. 

It’s no surprise that big mobile companies like Apple and Samsung keep putting out fresher, more sleek models of their phones and brand them in different colors. Wires are quickly being replaced, and there’s no denying that. We even have wireless charging now! 

Jumping on this bandwagon simply because it’s trendy may not be a wise decision, but it can certainly be an impressive one.  

9. Noise cancellation 

I’m a firm believer that a good pair of earphones or a headset needs to cancel external noises as much as it needs to transmit the audio you want to play. I’ve written an article on “Are Noise Canceling Headphones worth it? (Solved!)” if you want to know more of my thoughts on Noise Canceling.

Ambient sounds can be a real annoyance when you are trying to enjoy your favorite album in a busy supermarket. 

However, I will say that you research this feature more with specific brands in mind. You can find many reviews on blogs that compare the noise cancellation abilities of different headsets from different brands.

One of my personal favorites for noise cancellation is the Sony WH-1000XM4. It’s simply the best in the market for giving you a more immersive experience. Check out this article I’ve written for more details: “Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headphones with Noise Cancelling (2021)“.

By the way, if you have been forced to work from home during a lockdown or that’s just the nature of your job, this noise cancellation feature can be a godsend.

No more missing out on important zoom meetings because there were kids crying, dogs barking, or people arguing in the background.

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10. One pair all the way

After using both wired and Bluetooth headsets, I’ve also realized that you wear out wired headsets much faster.

Anyone who has used wired headphones knows the physical and emotional pain of forgetting you had your wired headset on and standing up in a hurry. The tug on the wire seems to pull at your heart as well.

Many people like being wireless because the wire is usually the point of weakness in the headset. It makes the headset less durable. 

This factor makes you rethink really how much more you’ll be paying for your headphones when you invest in Bluetooth ones compared to the wired headsets.

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If you’re getting yourself a pair of decent wired headphones, it will cost you anywhere between 15 to 45 dollars. 

On the flip side, you can get a Bluetooth headset with all these added benefits for about 180 dollars, although the price varies quite a bit depending on the brand and model. This might sound like a lot.

However, once you think about how many different pairs of wired headphones you’ll have to go through for the same time a wireless Bluetooth headset will last, the price difference comes down significantly. 

To Bluetooth or not to Bluetooth: My final verdict.

Before you go out and spend your 150 to 200 dollars on a pair of Bluetooth headphones, do your research.

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The headphone technology industry is truly creative with its new products, and you have many options to pick from, from on-ears to wraparounds.

As someone who has used both wired and Bluetooth headsets enough to experience the benefits of both, I feel strongly in favor of getting Bluetooth headphones.

Among all the reasons why Bluetooth headsets are worth the money you are spending, I personally value freedom of movement the most.

Ever since I’ve gotten my Bluetooth headset, I no longer worry about ruining my pair by damaging the wire during a workout or casual dancing. 


Bluetooth headphones are more costly than wired pairs.

I can see how the cost difference can be straining on students working side jobs, or people living paycheck to paycheck.

But if you have extra cash to invest into a pair of headphones, then I can assure you that your money wouldn’t be wasted.

There are many critics of Bluetooth headphones out there, but there’s no denying that this technology is the way of the future.

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